some deep thoughts on the current state of fashion. and a proposal.

i hate jeggings.  and those one pant-things that are basically just tights you wear as pants? don't get me started.  (if your motto has to be 'no panties, no problem' just to wear them, they're not pants.)

but i have to say, the skinny jean has won me over.  i was mighty skeptical at first, especially considering about 65% of people who are also drawn to the skinny jean should maybe consider a trouser cut or some zoobas.  but when done correctly, the skinny jean does make its point well.

the only thing is, the butt of skinny jeans is not skinny enough for my body.  so i have these nice, fitted pant legs and a big old saggy area of fabric around where i'm told my butt would be.  and the only reason i know my butt should be there is because 1) there are pockets there and 2) my butt crack hangs out the top.  (which is a complaint for another day - my butt crack seems to try to overcompensate for my lack of actual butt by being extra tall and ambitious.)

so here is my idea for paige-specific skinnies: i will take some long, denim-print tubes, possibly fashioned out of wrapping paper rolls, and slide them on my legs.  but so as not to leave my 'butt' hanging out, i will buy some denim-printed spandex shorts of sorts - maybe padded biking shorts for illusion's sake? - and wear them underneath.  while i probably wouldn't be able to bend my knees when i walk, i feel like that will add to the overall effect of the look.

i personally find this idea less bizarre and offensive than jeggings. 

or, i could save time and money and just, you know, have normal skinny jeans tailored.


Saved by grace said...

Or you could get some rump bumps:-)

I am not a fan of the legging being worn as pants or jeggings - no one needs to see that! Skinny jeans are awesome though!

lauren said...

hahah, I so agree. my butt doesn't hangout when I wear a belt. but you should probably look into getting cheek implants. it would just make life easier, and you'd be mistaken for J-Lo (the 2002 version of Jennifer Lopez).