day in the life: laundry room...PLUS

here's our laundry room.  and this video kind of took a turn for the long to incorporate my favorite things: cleaning edition.

and if you watch all the way to the end, you'll get the special bonus of hearing me attempt to talk my english good.  i just got speech'd.

still trying to decide if this will be our last insider video for a while (or at least until we have a new house to expose you to).  it probably will be, considering the only parts of our house that haven't yet made their film debut are: 1. the insides of our closets,  2. our master bedroom (which is basically another giant, messy closet with a bed in it), and 3. the inside of our kitchen cupboards (again, closet-like).  oh yes, and our garage, which i know you're dying to see but it's like negative 100 outside and you're not actually dying to see it.

so there you have it.  next time we invite you over, you can politely decline because you've seen all there is to see of our house and honestly i'm not funny in real life or a very good cook.


TheCrislers said...

I enjoyed watching your video and playing, "Find the Aldi brand products." I definitely recognized that baking soda, and possibly the bleach? And yes, this is my idea of fun.

Saved by grace said...

Thumbs up! You have inspired me to make more of my cleaners:-) Oh and my mother-in-law told me about an awesome way to get stains out (you have to scrub and scrub but it does work on colors and whites and stains that are years old - I have tried it and can vouch). You just mix original dawn and peroxide together and the dip the stain in it and scrub.