animal lovers and christian radio enthusiasts, avert your eyes.

our local christian radio station has these commercials that seem like they're supposed to be uplifting, or supposed to touch your fluffy christian heart, or something, but most of the time i'm just annoyed by them.  and a while ago, i heard one that really caught my attention.  considering i was driving, i didn't transcribe it word for word, but here's the basic jist:

those puppy dog eyes stare into yours as you come in the door from a long day at work.  yes, you've had a hard day but all he knows is that no one throws a tennis ball quite. like. you.

now, maybe this is supposed to tug at my heart strings, i don't know.  and while i'm not necessarily an 'animal person,' it's highly unlikely that i'll ever burn down the humane society.  my feelings toward pets are relatively neutral.

but deep down in my christian heart of hearts, when i heard this commercial all i could think was, "screw you, dog.  i'm tired and it's cold out.  now get me my slippers."

is this an indicator of sociopathy?

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