what's up weekly. (I got wordy this week. #srrynotsrry)

Happy Friday, everyone!  This week has been a good one, full of mostly normal stuff, a few exciting things, an injury, and lots of time at home.

Friday night, two of our favorite babysitters from Cedar Falls, Ellie and Bethany, came all the way down to stay with us for the weekend.  It was a blast.  

Saturday morning the kids got up to find the girls here and kind of lost their minds.  We spent the morning at home, then spent some time out hiking the trails at Rock Bridge.  We got zero pictures of that on the nice camera because we're huge idiots. Luckily, Todd had his phone on him.

Saturday night, the girls watched the kids for us so that we could go on a date.  We headed to a restaurant we'd been wanting to try out for a while that serves Cajun food.  Any kind of restaurant orienting their menu around spicy shellfish in cream sauce is fine by me.  And daaaang.  It was so. good.  I about died.  We will definitely be eating there again.  I can predict that whenever the next pregnancy strikes, we will probably spend a large portion of Todd's income there.

After we got home, our friends Josh and Megan came to crash on our air mattress for the night, so it was a full house.  It was so fun having everyone here!

Sunday night, we had a Connection Group leaders' meeting at a friend's house.  Atticus ran in the door, somehow hit his toe on the floor (I'm still not totally clear on what happened), and spent the rest of the night absolutely sobbing.  He was in so much pain.  We decided to head home early so he could soak it and then go to sleep, and then we'd see what we were dealing with in the morning.

Well, he was totally out of commission for three full days, and is still in the 'gingerly healing' phase.  Monday, Tuesday, and most of Wednesday, he spent the entire day either sitting at the table or sitting on the couch with an ice pack wrapped around his foot.  I had to carry him on my back to get him up and down the stairs and take him to the bathroom.  (He is wiry, but he is SOLID, so carrying him is no small feat.)  Wednesday, he was able to start putting a little weight on it, so Penelope made him this 'wheelchair' for his foot, and he kind of scooted around on it.  It was genuinely helpful.  (Please ignore the fact that he's still in his jammies.  Wearing jammies helps you heal faster.)

By yesterday, he was able to walk slowly on his heel, and he seems to be on the mend.

On Monday the dishwasher guy came and installed our new dishwasher, and Todd installed our new washer.  I am now living in the twenty-first century once again, and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Plus, our dishwasher is so nice.  And I don't just mean fancy (which it is!), but I mean, like, literally nice to me.  It asks me when I want it to start washing.  It tells me exactly how many minutes are left in any given cycle, and it sings at me when it's done with the load.  Plus, it fits even my deepest crock pot and tallest spoons, and there are no visible buttons on the front.  It's like someone asked themselves, "What kind of features would Paige Van Voorst hope for in a dishwasher... and a friend?" and then they went from there.

Other than that, our most major news was food-related.  (Isn't it always?)  This little guy got his very own seat at the breakfast table this week, and tried some scrambled eggs.  He really liked stuffing them in his mouth; he did not seem to get the hang of what to do with them once they were in there.  He also had his very first chunks of pickles and some bone broth.  He was a fan of both.

Please ignore our sad, booger-colored walls.

And that was our week!  How was yours?

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Man, we make cute kiddos