it's time for a list of things!

I have no ideas for a cohesive blog post today, so I'm just going to list some stuff out.

1.  Try as I may, I have never gotten the hang of making cheese sauce.  It always just turns into a sticky ball of melted cheese swimming around in some kind of yellow-colored broth.  You know it's bad when your kids look at their cheese-covered cauliflower and ask for permission to pick the cheese off so they can eat the cauliflower plain.

2.  Rocco is almost a year old, and is nursing nursing nursing.  I mean, dang.  I feel like Rosie the Riveter.  Like, "Lady!  You can do anything you put your mind to!  Don't let them put you in a box or glass-ceiling you!  You, my friend, can breastfeed if you want to."  It feels good.  Probably akin to building airplanes for the war effort.

3.  I am really wrestling with coming to grips with the fact that the paint color I chose for the living room/dining room/hall is absolutely wrong.  It looked awesome in Cedar Falls, where the floors were darker, but here it looks terrible.  But I seriously cannot bring myself to consider repainting.  But I also can't bring myself to consider living with them as-is.  I mean, there's enough about this house that's working against it as it is.  Why subject it to further mental bullying by clothing it in the wrong color? I mean, that is totally changeable.  Turning the whole house to face South is less realistic.  So I should be willing to do what I can, right?  But UGH UGH UGH.  Don't make me paint!  (Anyone want to come for a painting party?!!)

4.  I am going strong with homeschool.  Strong-ish.  Of average strength.  At the rate we're going with our hours, we may have to sign on for year-round school, or at least year-round math, but we're at least consistent.  We have only missed one scheduled day of school so far this year, and we're ten weeks in.  That is a huge win for Paige Van Voorst.  Now, to see if the same holds true once the weather turns and I get SAD and want to stay in bed all day instead of living up to my obligations and responsibilities...

5.  Laurelai is currently living in her own version of Second Life: she is apparently named Lack (or Leff, who is Lack's sister, but also played by Laurelai).  She lives in a castle, and her mom has all kinds of rules that conveniently overrule mine.  I told her to eat a brussels sprout the other night, and she told me, "My mom says I can't eat that because it has grain."  Convenient.  Very convenient.  Also, her mom seems like she may be a bit misinformed about some things.

6.  I started doing Trim Healthy Mama and I simultaneously love it and hate it.  First of all, stevia makes me sad and I miss sugar.  So Saturdays are my Huge Coffee with Ungodly Amounts of Creamer days.  Also, I have a grilled cheese sandwich every night before bed, even though it totally flies in the face of everything Trim Healthy Mama stands for.  Just because I can.  (And because I'm nursing and I'm ravenous at 10:30 at night.)  

7.  I feel like I need to come up with a seventh thing.  No?

8.  My dishwasher is my new best friend.  I need help coming up with the perfect name for her.  She's shiny on the outside AND the inside, she likes to sing, she's a hard worker, she's basically silent (except when she's singing, of course).  I just know there's a fitting character to name her after, but who?  HELP ME.

9.  I write these blog posts at night, and it's now 10:42 p.m. and it's grilled cheese time, so I'm outtie, yo.


todd said...

Call her teapot. Shiny inside and out, works hard and sings when she's done.

todd said...

And them from there u get to T pain

Jessica said...

When I think of a singing hard worker, I thought of Snow White. She was basically silent while she lay in the sleeping curse.
So, you could have Snow White. or Snow.
In Once Upon A Time, Snow's name is Mary Margaret. So, you could have M&M...which means from there, you get to Slim Shady.


todd said...

Makes sense

Bethany Breeding said...

Maria for sure. If Maria from Sound of Music had a spirit appliance I'm sure it would be a singing dish washer

todd said...

Nailed it