After a long, arduous six-week stretch of crying over all my broken appliances, I can now say that I am now the proud owner of a functioning dishwasher AND a functioning washing machine.  GLORYHALLELUJAH.

No more trying to scrub the insides of our milk bottles with soap and rice because the bottle brushes weren't long enough to reach inside.  No more boiling water to sanitize the insides of those bottles after the soap-and-rice thing only worked okay.  No more driving our laundry halfway across town to do at a friend's so that we had access to such luxuries as underwear and kitchen towels.  And I am a brand new, grateful, singing-and-dancing lady.

So here's to my new best friends, GE and Maytag:  May your life be ever long and your stainless be ever shiny. 

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todd said...

may your hammers be mighty!