our trip to Shelter Gardens.

On Saturday, we decided on a whim to take the kids over to Shelter Gardens, a botanical garden and arboretum on the property where Todd works.  It's weird that we've become an 'on a whim' family - Todd and I are both "J"s on the Meyers-Briggs inventory (Todd especially so), and spontaneity has definitely been a learned trait for both of us.  But it has been so good for us, because look at the kinds of things we'd be missing out on!

There's a beautiful old one-room schoolhouse within the gardens, and the kids had a heyday sitting in the seats (and, in Laurelai's case, getting folded up into one of the seats) and coloring on the chalkboard.  I had a heyday taking pictures of the trimwork around the windows and reining in my desire to steal the beautiful wood-burning stove to have for my very own.  (Don't worry, I kid.  I kid.  I would never do that.  It would be way to heavy for me to carry.)

Please excuse how blasted out this photo is.  A) This building had the absolute nightmare of a problem that is having tons of windows and ample natural light, and B) Finneas is basically glow-in-the-dark anyway.

After we had walked through the gardens, we headed to the front of Todd's building to check out the fountain.  This company does so much for our community, and it values treating its employees well and making things beautiful.  I am so thankful for the unexpected blessing Shelter has been in our lives here!

I'm really wanting to come back regularly, to see all the different trees and flowers change through the seasons.

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todd said...

Finneas is glow in the dark!