school days.

Our school routine has fallen into place (for the most part), and it's going really well.  Each day of the week looks a little different, though our breakfast routine stays pretty much the same each morning.  I make breakfast, feed Rocco, and then while all the kids are sitting there, with their hands and mouths (relatively) occupied, we do our Morning Basket stuff:  Bible, poetry, memory work, folk songs and hymns.  I also read a chapter from our free-read book.  (Right now, we're in Brighty of the Grand Canyon, and all the kids are loving it.  When I pull it out, even Laurelai goes nuts and yells, "It's Bwyteeee!")

(Some days, I depend on Brighty a little too heavily to cheer this three-year-old up, such as on Scrambled Egg Day.  Everyone tells you about the Terrible Two's, but no one thinks to mention the Absolutely Maddening Threes.  Maybe because it doesn't roll off the tongue quite as easily.)

While we do Morning Basket, Rocco crawls around, scavenging whatever bits he can find under the table and generally getting into mischief.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, we have more traditional school days.  After breakfast and Morning Basket, the kids do their daily chores, and then the little kids head to the basement to play/fight/break stuff, and Rocco goes down for a nap.  Meanwhile, the big kids sit down to do their table work: math, reading and handwriting.  It takes them 30-60 minutes, depending on how motivated they're feeling that day, and how many times I make them re-do their handwriting.  We're usually done by about 11:00.

We break for some play time, lunch, and after-lunch chores, and then we cuddle on the couch to do our read-alouds.  These books are anything from Aesop's Fables, to biographies of historic Americans, to history of British kings, to James Herriot, to Shakespeare.  This week, we read E. Nesbit's re-telling of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and then the kids re-told the story using this cool finger puppet theater I found on Amazon.  Read-aloud time is my favorite part of the school day.

Wednesday and Fridays are a little different.  On Wednesdays we spend our mornings listening to audiobooks on our way to and from the Amish. (Right now we're in Charlotte's Web, but already this year we've listened through Mr. Popper's Penguins, and an AWESOME reading of Peter Pan done by Jim Dale.)  In the afternoons they do art or handicrafts.  We're currently focusing on watercolor painting and bead-stringing crafts.

On Friday mornings, we do "tea time," where I make them tea and we sit around doing art study and music/composer study.  It's all very high-brow.  We're currently studying Mary Cassatt and Antonin Dvorjak.  On Friday afternoons, I send them out to the yard with a 'nature observation' assignment, and they spend time sketching in their nature journals.

And that gives a rough idea of our school week!  The thing with homeschool is that I know the routine will change soon enough (it's all kind of fluid, so you change things up as needed, like when the Amish family we buy milk from asked us to start coming on Wednesdays instead of Mondays, so we switched our days around, or when I started watching a friend's daughter on Fridays so we ended up flexing our mornings to make it work).  But for now, this routine has been keeping us on track without burning us out, so I call that a win!


the jersk. said...

omg you started a "finer things club" with your fam. please let me make you shirts!

todd said...

when you are w/ Todd, all the time is T time