weekly 'what's up.' (minus photos because i'm a lazy bum.)

Not a single photo was taken this week.  Not one goldarn blasted photo.  THE. WORST.  So you'll just have to bear with me, photoless and pathetic.  I'll try to make it quick.

Saturday: we went to Shelter Gardens, and I had so much coffee creamer. (Saturdays are my cheat day on Trim Healthy Mama.)  It was like the world was ending and I was trying to be all 'virgins with the lamps' and stock up on oil.  Only my "oil" was just salted vanilla caramel-flavored sugar sauce.  It was good.  Also, dangerous, because I could have ended up in a blood sugar coma, and that's not how anyone wants to spend their Saturday.  So I'm glad I narrowly avoided that.

Sunday: Church.  Stretchy Pants.  Noodles for Dinner.

Monday: Monday stuff.  School.  Laundry.

Tuesday:  Cleaning day.  Laundry.  Connection group.  I made a huge pot roast that only cost me $10 at Aldi. You GO, Aldi Coco.

Wednesday: Amish.  Laundry.

Thursday:  School.  More laundry.  Paid the kids a penny per pair to match socks.

And that brings us up to date, really.  I mean, other than the fact that I should tell you Rocco is starting to chow down on big kid foods all of a sudden.  He ate like a whole piece of salmon the other night and a bunch of quinoa.  He also ate chicken, at which point I yelled, "Yay, chicken!" at which point he threw a rock fist in the air.  Now, anytime someone yells, "CHICKEN!" at him, he throws up the rock fist.  I think he's also trying to say "peekaboo," even though it just sounds like "ba-buhhhh," because he does it every time he puts a blanket over his head and then pulls it off.  Same cadence as 'peekaboo' and everything.  I mean, is that enough to decide conclusively that he's a genius?  Not definitively.  But not NOT definitively.