weekly 'what's up.'

So, you know those weeks where you kind of just want to fake your own death and move away to an island where there's no cell reception because you're just kind of over it?  I mean, neither do I, I was just asking for a friend.  No, my week was great.  My week was uber manageable.  My week did not involve praying for the rapture while standing at the appliance service desk at Lowe's so I could avoid dealing with our appliance problems any longer.  Cough.

Anyway, so it goes.  So let's talk about the good stuff, yes?

Saturdays and Wednesdays are the kids' bath days around here.  Maybe they should get bathed more regularly, but it works for us.  And bath time always turns into a social event, for some reason.  So this was the start to our day on Saturday:

Later that day, the kids spent time outside.  The weather was strangely cool, so they all put on jackets, including Laurelai, who stuffed her tiny self into a somehow-even-tinier sweater.

Finneas looked so cool and grown-up in his jacket...

...until he bent over and we were all reminded how little he still is.  And how Day of the Week underwear is always funnier when sported by a four-year-old who never has any idea what day it actually is.

Also?  Rocco got a haircut, and Atticus continued to work diligently at excavating the site of our retaining wall.

Sunday, we had church in the park and a potluck, and then we came home and had a dance party in our jammies.  Meaning, the kids were just in their skivvies.

Monday was pretty standard.  Tuesday, Todd went out and bought us a new washer because the stupid old washer finally bit the dust for good.  Wednesday, he tried to install the dishwasher but the electrical hookup was weird, so we're going to need to call in a pro, so we still have no functioning dishwasher.  So now we have two huge appliance boxes sitting in our living room for an yet-undisclosed period of time.  The dishwasher guy should call me to set up an install appointment by next Tuesday.  The washer we'll do ourselves, but we won't have time to get to it until at least Monday.

So our laundry is piling up and I'm taking it a friend's tomorrow to get some of it washed, so I can at least have clean towels and sheets on hand for the friends that are coming to stay this weekend.  

Thursday morning, we picked up our monthly Azure order. (Fifteen pounds of butter, fifteen pounds of potatoes, and some pickles.  We like to party.)  We did morning school. We babysat a friend's kiddo  and then dropped her off at preschool.  We ran to Lowe's to sign the install paperwork for the dishwasher and ran to the grocery store.  I had a phone chat with a bestie, babysat a friend's daughter for a few hours, cleaned the house for this weekend's company, had another phone chat with another great friend, and (as if I had to tell you) ate so many Coping Fries and Coping Nachos to handle it all that I rivaled Kobayashi.

Today, I will be doing laundry and grocery shopping and doing school... and then falling into a coma around 2:00 p.m.

It's okay.  This lady will be holding down the fort for me while I'm... away.  I have full confidence in her abilities.