whut's up weekly.

Ugh, I'm so sorry I went dark without warning this week.  If you've been wondering, I'm alive.  I'm not hungry or hurt or in peril.  I have adequate food and supplies.  I'm fine.  Really.

Todd was in Oklahoma all week and I've been wrangling the kids by myself, and have had tons of house guests (ten total individuals, if we're counting, and some of them on multiple nights).  I have had dinner guests four of the last six nights, and my dishwasher is still dead as a door nail, so I've been just trying to keep up.  Now, I think I may be getting sick.  All that to say, by the end of each day, after the kids are in bed and all guests have gone home, and I find myself sitting in the quiet, perpetually dark house alone, blogging has not been my main priority.  

My main priority has been eating microwave popcorn and watching Parenthood and picking the peeling skin off of my dried-out dishwater hands.  Mmmm.

So, let's start with the dishwasher.  I go back and forth with what I'm hoping happens with that.  Yeah, we could just pay to have ours repaired, but I really don't know how much that will cost and if it will be worth it in the long run.  It's already seven or eight years old, and it's not a super nice dishwasher, so I'm guessing it's nearing the end of its realistic lifespan.  However, buying a new one is kind of a major deal.  I mean, it's not the most expensive appliance in the whole world, but a new dishwasher is still hundreds of dollars more expensive than the $0 we had previously been spending on dishwashers.

So then I'm like, maybe I'll just keep washing stuff by hand and use the money that we would have used for a dishwasher to have solar tubes put in (because dang y'all, my house is a full-blown hobbit house and my eyeballs are starting to sizzle anytime I walk out the front door because they're like, "WHAT IS THIS UNFAMILIAR, BLINDING HELL FIRE COMING FROM THE SKY?!?  SUNLIGHT?!?!"  And then my skin blisters and starts to melt).  Honestly, solar tubes are probably as practical an expense as a new dishwasher when it comes to saving my sanity.  But then I wash seventeen people's dishes over the course of a week and I start to reconsider.  So we'll see what happens.

As for the rest of our week:  On Saturday, while Todd was still home, our friends Josh and Megan came to stay the night.  We know them from the Cedar Falls church plant, and they'll soon be moving down here to help with this plant.  Megan spent some quality time with the girlies, polishing their nails.  The girls LOVED it.

On Sunday, Todd left after church to make the eight-hour drive down to OK.

On Monday, we finally got in to the chiropractor for the first time since the car accident, so the little kids all took rockstar naps.  After nap time, we went with a friend to an indoor play place/Tiny Ninja Warrior training course.  The kids had a freaking blast.

On Tuesday, we had Connection Group here at the house like we do most weeks.  Remind me next time to get someone else to host it when Todd's gone.  I kind of lost my mind trying to get ready for it.  It was not pretty.

On Wednesday, we headed up to the Amish in the morning, and a friend and her daughter came for dinner.

Yesterday, we did nothing except make a run to the library to pick up some of the books I'd put on hold.  Also, I had to re-pierce one of my nose ring holes with a safety pin after a botched attempt at switching out the gaudy studs for little gold rings.  It was a success in the end.

I am, at this point, basically catatonic.  Luckily, Todd is home today and I am planning on making the world's largest margarita and going to bed at like 4:30 p.m.  That is, after I pick up a friend's kiddo from preschool and her mom comes to get her.  Because the order of those things is important.

Tomorrow, I have a baby shower to go to and a college girl is coming to read to the kids for a bit for a class she's in.  On Sunday, Todd will be teaching at church, only after which will my max capacity for extracurriculars will have been exceeded and I will go into a coma.  Do not resuscitate.

ANNNND.  Laurelai in a hat.  You know.  Because.


todd said...

Laurelai in a hat. Always a great add.

the jersk. said...

good lord. you deserve a vacation. I've got this sweet little vacation house right outside the smoky mountains. You can stay for free as long as you'd like. :)