a little of this, a little of that, a few morals of the stories.

We have finished our first six-week stretch of homeschool, and to celebrate, we're taking this week off!  That's right, it's already fall break for us.  Our school year is broken into trimesters, which are each broken in half themselves, with a week break in between each one.  So we have six six-week stretches scheduled this year, if that makes sense, and we just finished the first one!  Maybe, just maybe, this year will be different and we'll actually stay on track this time.  

I have big plans for the week:  chiropractor appointments.  Picking up paint samples.  Getting in a short run on most days.  Finally finishing the Laura Ingalls Wilder autobiography I started about a bijillion years ago.  You know.  The kind of stuff you dream about doing when you're a teenager and imagining your life after the age of twenty-one.  Life full of high-flying adventures, and raw, gritty passion, and advocating for the voiceless.  That kind of stuff.

Meanwhile, the kids have been ecstatic that we're going to be taking a break this week.  Except, they still want to do Morning Basket.  Also, art.  And composer study.  Also, handicrafts.  And free reading.  They would also like to continue to do read-alouds in the afternoon.   So... we're basically just skipping math and handwriting for a week.  Penelope has even written her own compilation of original fables that she would like to start reading aloud to the rest of us each day. 

Here is a sampling of her writings (shared with permission from the author, and edited only for spelling):

The Foolish Ram
A hole not far from a flock was being dug.  A ram went there.  His shepherd called the flock.  The ram did not come, he ran to the hole and fell in.  The moral of this story is: The foolish end up in disastrous places.

The Fly and His Shadow
Once a fly was walking along the field by sunset when he saw his shadow.  He felt big and important.  Then at the last minute a spider hanged down from its web and grabbed the fly and ate him.  The moral of this story is: Don't get distracted when you're supposed to pay attention to your enemies.

The Uncontent Peach
Once a peach didn't like his color so he painted himself rainbow.  But when the kid came to pick peaches, she saw him and put him in the compost.  The moral of this story is:  Be content with what you have because your riches fade away in the end.

Oh, my dear, sweet Penelope, who chugs books like they're lemonade, and writes stories all day long, and stays up way too late to get in one more chapter.  Daughter after my own heart.

Well, I better be going.  I have all kinds of daredevil, free-spirited plans to be getting to.

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todd said...

I absolutely LOVE her fables. Never stop writing and creating sweet lil P