whut's up weekly. (fall break edition.)

This school break week has been so great.  Honestly, I didn't realize I was at the point of needing a break.  I had considered just continuing on until we felt tired of school, but if there's one thing I've learned as a mom, it's that you should always - ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS - 'kill it before it dies.'  You make lunch before the kids feel hungry.  You put the kids to bed before they hit that wall of exhaustion.  You leave the swimming pool before the sunstroke-induced meltdown starts.  And you take a break from school before you're fed up.  You don't wait until a state of emergency before you take action.  You head off emergencies at the pass by killing stuff before it dies.

So that's what we did this week, and it was so great.  We filled our time with chiro appointments, visits with friends, audiobooks, Adventures in Odyssey, and growing mushrooms.

Yes, you read that correctly.  We're currently mothering some mushrooms into maturity.  I found this mushroom farm kit on clearance at our local natural food store for five bucks, so I figured it would be fun to do with the kids.  We've had a good time cultivating these little guys, making predictions about what will happen, sketching growth and changes in our nature journals, and vacillating between awe and disgust at the whole concept.

Day 1.

Day 6.  Atticus observed that this little cluster reminds him of coral.  I think it looks like button candy that got Alex Mack'd.

Day 7.  It's starting to look like something from a Dr. Seuss book.

Finneas came down with a super random fever over the weekend - he was warm and complaining of a bad headache all evening on Saturday, so I gave him an ice pack to sleep on and put him to bed, and by Sunday morning he was fine.  We stayed home from church anyway.  (I'm a strict observer of the "Fever-Free for 24 Hours" rule, just out of respect for other families who might not want to have to deal with whatever lingering germs we might be carrying.)

On Tuesday, we went to Lowe's and ordered our new dishwasher.  I found a really fancy one on super-sale, so we bit the bullet and bought it... but it's backordered for another three weeks or so.  So, I get to continue to handwash in the meantime.  You better believe that once it's installed, I will be shouting it from the rooftops and getting weirdly maternal toward my new, pretty, savior of a dishwasher.  (With bottle jets! And a hard food disposal!  And a steam-rinse setting! And a setting for kosher-observant families, whatever the heck that means.  I told you this thing was upper-crust.)

Oh, and nbd, but btw, I witnessed an actual, real-life, non-hyperbolic miracle the other day.  I have been doing my best to clean out our glass milk bottles by hand.  But without a dishwasher, I've been skeptical that they're getting totally clean, so I tried sterilizing them by rinsing them with boiling water.  After doing a few without incident, I went to sterilize the fourth bottle the same way - I put water in the bottle, covered the opening, and gave it a few good shakes to rinse the inside.  But this time, the steam built up in the bottle, shot the lid off, and sprayed boiling water all over my arms and stomach.  And it didn't burn me.  I was sopping wet from water that was hot enough to blow a lid off a bottle, and my skin wasn't even pink.  Other than the fact that God clearly could have bestowed on me a little more common sense that would have prevented me from doing this in the first place, I think it's clear that this moment should be canonized as a miracle, or however that works.

Rocco has been killing it this week: standing on his own quite often, learning to wave, melting my heart.  You know.  Here he is, chasing dust particles.  WHAT ON EARTH IS BETTER THAN A BACKLIT, PUDGY BABY HAND?!?!?! (Nothing.  Nothing.  Clearly, nothing.)


todd said...

You are now only 2 miracles away from being a Catholic saint

the jersk. said...

lmk when you get a figurine i can mount on my dash