whut update.

On Saturday, my parents, my grandpa, and my sister and her husband came down to spend the weekend.  It was so great to have everyone here for the first time since we got settled.  Saturday we just spent the day around the house, and on Sunday we all attended Anthem's first service and partied the afternoon away for Laurelai's birthday.  It was a full day.

The launch service went really well, and we had about 200 people in attendance!  God is so crazy.  My brother-in-law was able to get some candid photos during the service.

After church and the birthday party, Uncle Austin showed them his camping equipment.  Gas stove with real flame?  Mace?  Sharp knife in a leather sheath?  You better believe Atticus was swooning.

We got into a pretty minor fender-bender on the way to church, so I've been spending the week getting estimates done on the van and setting up doctor's appointments for all the thousands of us.  The kids have been complaining of headaches and neckaches, and my whole body feels like one giant headache all day, so I'm hoping for a referral for some chiropractic care.  Nothing major, but it added some unexpected color to our week.

In other colorful news, I had been all excited because I'd finally set up our recycling bin since the move, and I was planning on trying to minimize our trash.  But then our dishwasher stopped working, so I've been relying heavily on paper plates because we dirty so many dishes.  So, one step forward, one step back.  I'm still not sure if/when we'll get our dishwasher repaired.  I'm starting to acknowledge the sad fact that life costs a lot of money, and I'm not happy about it.

The kids spent the week being adorable:

Atticus spent all his free time nailing stuff to other stuff.  (His bike helmet is currently nailed to a tree.)

Penelope spent her time drawing in her nature journal.

Finneas spent his time Finneasing, which is a verb I've decided to coin to describe running around naked at full-throttle, getting into everything, and alternately laughing and screaming in anger.  It is never boring to be Finneas.

Laurelai spent her week being simultaneously adorable and absolutely maddening.  But what else is new?  Also, she turned three, and I think it has given her an air of wisdom, maturity, and know-how.

And Rocco?  Well, even though I somehow dropped the ball on getting a photo of him this week, you know he's just as funny and delightful and wonderful as ever.

Todd taught at Salt Company last night, and killed it.  I'm so proud of him!

And that was our week.  How was yours?

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todd said...

those are some great pictures of the kiddos being kiddos. love these days.