in which i dote on Lowe's.

I usually take one or two kids with me to grocery shop on Saturday mornings, and this week, I decided to also try taking the boys to one of those Build and Grow class-thingies at Lowe's.  It was Fire Boat Day.  I'll give you three guesses regarding whether the boys enjoyed themselves, and the first two don't count.

It was outrageously fun.  And honestly, stuff like this is always cause for a little pre-game anxiety, since you never know how much parent involvement/supervision/pressure will be required, and how the kids will do in an unfamiliar dynamic in public.  But it was seriously so low-key: we showed up, picked up our baggie of materials, and the boys did so great.  I didn't help Atticus with anything, and Finneas only needed a little help positioning nails before he hammered them in himself.  We will definitely be doing this again really soon.

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todd said...

So glad ou thought of this. They loved it!!!