hey, hey, look who's three!

Laurelai turned three on Monday.  YES SHE DID.  I can't believe it either.  And, apparently as always, there was a church launch around the same time as her birthday.  (Of the four birthdays she's had, including the actual day of her birth, two of them have been celebrated in conjunction with a church launch.)  So my family came down for the weekend to go to Anthem's first service and to party hearty with Lolo.  And this girl knows how to party.

Laurelai refused to show the camera how old she is now, so all her subjects (ahem, guests) took it upon themselves to inform you that she is, in fact, three.

Penelope was very excited to give Laur a gift.  It was a bag full of Penelope's old socks and a nightgown she doesn't wear anymore.  She said she chose those things mostly because Laurelai could spin around in the socks (which, admittedly, is Laurelai's favorite activity) and because Lo would love the frogs on the nightgown.  But second to those reasons, she conceded that the concept for the gift stemmed mainly from the fact that these things are now too small for Penelope.

We had fruit and yogurt parfaits for her special birthday treat, and we stuck flipflop toppers in them, in honor of her very favorite thing to put on each morning.

Laurelai finally admits to being three and not 'fourteen,' as she consistently informs people when they ask her age.

Happy, happy birthday to my sassafrass lady.  She is tiny and funny and so, so spicy.  She loves praying for 'girls who like to spin like me' and for 'the babies, and the babies, and not the babies.'  She is smart and spunky and has the other kids wrapped around her teeny tiny finger.  (Except Finneas.  Finneas seems to be onto her ways.  He is not fooled by her cutie patootie exterior.  So she just screams at him until he submits to whatever it is she's wanting.  So she screams a lot, because Finneas rarely submits to anyone.)  Her favorite outfit is her pink dress and her flipflops.  When I say, "You are getting so big!" she responds with, "No, I not.  I'm tiny."  She loves her daddy.  She loves to sing and dance and build with duplos.  She loves pretending that every piece of food is Mommy, Daddy and Laurelai.  She is our itty bitty Meat Sticks, our sistergirl, our Lolo.

We love you, Laur!  You're so special!

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todd said...

Sassafras indeed! I will not pass on that sassafras :)