my diastasis recti: the final verdict on Ab Rehab.

Well, I've not only completed my ten-week Ab Rehab course to recover from my diastasis recti, but I finally have the ability to upload photos to the blog again!  Yay!  So it's time to issue the final verdict on whether Ab Rehab actually helped or not.

If you remember from the previous series of posts on this topic, I had started out with a gap between my abs that was about the width of two fingers.  After having carried and delivered five babies over the course of the last few years, my stomach was bulging, and I had no core strength.  Even standing up straight required more conscious strength than I was able to muster most days.  So I got in touch with Kelley Suggs of Lithe Wellness Solutions in Buffalo, MN, who regularly helps clients recover from ab separations like mine, and got my hands on a copy of her Ab Rehab DVD.

Basically, it's ten weeks of exercises that help re-train those muscles back into proper, healthy position.

So... did it work?

(For reference, there is only a two-pound body weight difference between the first photo and the last.  I am not sucking in or slouching in any of these photos.)

Girlfrannnn, it DID work!  If I'm being totally transparent, I was pretty darn skeptical that the exercises would make much of an actual difference.  From the way things sounded when I'd read up on diastasis recti online, it seemed like once you were struck by it, you were doomed to a lumpy existence for the rest of your sad, slouchy life.  So it was out of desperation that I had started the program, but I didn't have a ton of optimism that it would do much good.

Ugh, how pallid was I when I first started this?!  Thank the good Lord for UVBs.

But here's the thing:  my gap is now only half a finger wide.  I repeat, it is only HALF A FINGER WIDE.  That's 75% improvement in just ten weeks.  That's huge!

And here's what else: I asked Kelley how closed the gap has to get before it's considered fully healed, and she said, "CLOSED is closed."  If my gap wasn't fully closed yet (which, obviously, it isn't quite), I should go back to the beginning of the DVD and do exercises one and two again.  So I'm back in exercise one, and I'm seeing continued improvement.  I really do have full confidence that in the next month or so, my diastasis recti will be no more.

Guys, I really can't recommend this enough.  I am feeling strong again.  I am looking more normal to myself.  I still have a little ways to go still, but I am feeling hopeful that at some point, I won't be carting around any extra softness in my belly region... at least, softness that wasn't put there by nachos.  (If anyone has a DVD program for healing Nacho Addiction, I'll be all over it.  I'll do a blog series on it.)

If you're wanting to go back to the beginning and read through my journey, or if you want to learn more about diastasis recti and how to check if you have it, check out the rest of the posts in this series:

*I was not financially compensated for this post.  I received the DVD for review purposes.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


todd said...

I hope other people fn as much value and help in this as you've found in these videos. Crazy how they have worked so well.

Amanda Cushman said...

Wow! This is awesome. I'm so happy for you!!