whole30, riding dirty.

if you follow me on pinterest, you may have seen that lately i've been pinning a bunch of mediocre-looking food in the name of whole30 intentions.  well, friends, today is the day we start the actual follow through on those pins.  so if i'm a complete jerkwad for the next couple of weeks, you'll know it's because i'm going through cheese withdrawal.

(for the zero of you out there who haven't already been informed and completely annoyed by all of the whole30 info/testimonies/photos/churches out there on facebook, it's thirty days of no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no alcohol, no sugar, no fun.  it's going to be a blast.  todd is reluctantly coming on board the whole30 boat with me, but it's only because he loves me so and also because i cried when he tried to say no.)

i went grocery shopping last night.  i bought fennel.  i bought beets.  i held it together at aldi and passed up the three-pack of imported cheddars.  i felt so primal and strong.  and then i grabbed mcdonald's on the way home because, hello, one last hurrah and also, grocery shopping is exhausting and takes forever, so i didn't have time or ambition to cook dinner.  then i topped off my night with a margarita.  because what's a hurrah without a margarita?  it's just a hur-, that's what, and that seems a bit anticlimactic.  so i drank a margarita for the sake of the -rah, and i'd do it again without shame.

anyway.  i'm telling you all of this for two reasons:  one, because we're best friends, and friends tell each other stuff.  we share what's going on in our lives.  we emote.  we connect.  that's what i'm doing here.  and two, because i need to reassure you that this is not all you'll be hearing about for the next thirty days.  what is it about people who go on a specialty diet that makes them think you want to hear about, take notes on, and admire every bite of food that goes in their mouths from here on out?  i won't be that girl.  i promise you this.  because again, like i already stated, we're friends.  and friends don't bore friends with whole30 details all the livelong day.

well, there you have it.  i'm about to become a real peach.  sarcastically and figuratively speaking, of course, from the lack of most of the things that sustain me.  and maybe also literally speaking, once i eat enough produce that i start violet beauregarding it.  let's see what comes of this, shall we?