two unequally important items of note.

first, i finally decided to fire up my instagram account.  it now hosts one photo.

second, that photo is of finneas in the emergency room last week because, oh yeah, he punctured his tongue and lip.  also?  i don't know really how or when he did it, other than deducing that he probably bit it, sometime overnight.  maybe he was jumping on the bed and bonked his chin on his crib, causing himself to bite down.  or something.  i can't say for sure.

i got him up one morning last week, and he had dried blood all over his face.  he hadn't really cried or anything before that point, and seemed to be acting fine.  so i looked him over to see if i could figure out what was wrong, and checked in his mouth.  it appeared that somehow his lip had been bitten all the way through, and his tongue had been halfway bitten through.  and then i just kept shrilly whispering 'oh my word, oh my word, oh my word,' because, contrary to popular belief, a punctured tongue is not a pretty sight.  it is, in fact, horrifying.  to downplay it a lot.

but the thing is, we recently got new insurance - insurance that has a bunch of hoops one must jump through in order to receive medical care, which seems oppositional to the point of having insurance, but okay.  so in my panic and insurance-induced confusion, i called the dentist to see if gushing mouth wounds are a dentist's job, but they're obviously not, so i called the pediatrician.  the pediatrician couldn't get finneas in that day, but also couldn't refer us to urgent care without first seeing him, and a referral was required by our insurance, so they told us to go to the emergency room.  

there was really nothing they could do for him once we got to the hospital, and i'm not kidding when i tell you finneas could have cared less about his horrific, swollen, gnashed up tongue.  they could have stitched his lip, but it had stopped bleeding at that point, and since it would probably scar either way, they opted to just leave it alone.  so they gave me some bacitracin, and gave him a stuffed bear and an elmo book, and sent us home.  as uneventful as finneas' last trip to the E.R.  

anyway, in case you're wondering, i'm guessing everything's healing up well.  i've not looked at his tongue in the last couple of days, since every time i ask to see it, he just says, 'it's feeling better now,' and walks away.  his lip is scabbed up, but that's true of most brawling toddlers at any given moment.  so i think he's on the upward swing. 

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