what's to the up to the wizzle.

hey, remember when everyone ended everything in 'izzle?'  that was a really confusing time, because if you tried to talk about, say, swizzle sticks, people always thought you were talking about sweet sticks, or swarmy sticks, or sweater sticks.  which would all only be, at best, related to what you're saying...  man, i'm glad those days are over.  now i can talk about swizzle sticks EVERYDAY, SON and never feel misunderstood and lonely.  i'm content in life now that 'izzle' is out.

but you know what's not out?  all the super fun crap we did over the last two weeks.

like... going with a friend and her kids to the victorian house museum one morning last week.  between the two of us, we were corralling seven kids, ages almost-six, five, four, three, two, one, and four months.  through a victorian house museum, which is exactly what it sounds like: a victorian house that has been turned into a museum of victorian living and things.  for instance, there was a china tea cup with a mustache-guard, sitting right at child-eye-level.  i was anticipating the worst.  but you know what? it was freaking awesome, and the kids were totally great.  would i go back again?  yes, yes i would.  but it would probably be in the summer, when coats and boots and christmas trees full of museum-y things wouldn't be involved.

like... stocking up on all the seasonal cheeses and wine-infused salamis at aldi, since it's christmas season and my favorite way to celebrate is to sit around in my bathrobe eating gourmet meats and cheeses.  (currently, i'm eating garlic and herb boursin, and chianti salami.  THANKS, ALDI!)

like... having our dear friend caleb come clean our carpets and couch because... four kids.

like... hosting thanksgiving.

like... having this girl 'help' me unload the groceries with such a cheerful countenance.  and a grapefruit.

and most importantly, like... this little man turning SIX YEARS OLD today!

those tinkerbell high heels are actually spiderman web-slingers.  obviously.

i can't even believe it.  my first child is out of the babyhood tunnel, age-wise.  as firstborn, and as atticus, he's been out of that tunnel for a while, helping me manage the work around the house, and watching out for the littler kids, and assisting me in eating all the bacon.  just like a grown man.  and he 'fwip fwips' with dead accuracy, just like a full-grown spidey.

oh, darlin'.  i can't believe you're so old.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE MAN!

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todd said...

our lizzle mizzle is sizzle.