pages play to win. but really, mostly just for the fun of the game.

penelope's middle name is page.  i'm pretty sure people just assume i'm pretty narcissistic and just strong-armed todd into letting me name our first daughter after myself.  those people would be wrong.  sort of.

my mom's maiden name is page.  it's where she got the idea to name me paige in the first place.  which then means she's the narcissistic one.  so penelope is named after my side of the family, just like i was.

last friday, my sister, my mom and my grandpa (her dad, whose last name is obviously page) came up for thanksgiving.  which means there were four generations of page-namesakes in the same room.  did the whole place explode?!  sort of.  we played uno.

then atticus lost something competitive for the first time in his short life, and this happened:

at first, he was simply in disbelief.

things turned around later when he won:

todd's obvious handsomeness and joviality were pretty unshakable through the wins and losses of life uno.  that's precisely why we call him 'the rock.'  we also call him 'the beard,' for apparent reasons.

if this blog post was a game of uno, i should have yelled "UNO" before the last picture, since i'm now fresh out of photos to play.  i win!  first time ever!


todd said...


just when you thought it was over!

the jersk. said...

oh goodness, his construction outfit is super adorable. golly he's such a big kid now!