birthday party like it's 1999.

yeah, we did.

there was a cake, the theme of which was a repeat from a previous year, but which has proven to be a perennial favorite, so there's no complaining.

he looked thrilled to have to wait to open his presents.

it all worked out in the end, though, when he got his very own tool set.  another perennial gift, but this time it had real tools, and nails and screws, and real life wood from a tree on which to practice hammering and screwing.  among other gifts from people who know him well:  a dump truck, a lego set that can be built into three different construction vehicles, and a hot wheels track.

yepper, it was a right excellent party.


the jersk. said...

you seriously are the prettiest. you have this awesome effortless mom look but like in a super cool hot way. haha. seriously. i aspire to be you when i get this motherhood thing figured out.

todd said...

i really loved the way the cake you made turned out!