trimming the doubletree.

the kids and i decorated the christmas tree, which is always one of the year's most stressful tasks.  it involves electricity; small, painful metal hooks; breakables; and unreasonably excited children.  every year i think that this will be the year it's different; every year it's about the same as the last year.

putting on the lights.

getting out the ornaments.  at least this year i remembered to separate each child's ornaments into their own boxes so as to avoid sorting the day-of.  and, as indicated by our costume changes, we spread out tree trimming over the course of a couple of days: one for lights, one for ornaments.  trying to take baby steps to a less stressful christmas season.

how big is this kid getting?!

this will be the last post this week.  i have five days ahead of me in which i plan to wear pajamas and shirk responsibilities like blogging and hygiene.  i'm clearly going to go revel.  have a merry christmas!