some haikus for haik-you.

i'm probably alone in this, but i really hate haikus.  i don't really know why; i just don't get them.  it seems more like doing math than writing poetry, and not the fun kind of math like calculating gratuity and also quilt-piecing.  but all that being said, with as much as i dislike haikus, i decided to write some last night.  not sure why; probably just so that i didn't have to think up another blog post title.  and since my specialty is telling rando stories about my life, i figured i'd write some rando haikus...also about my life.

once upon a time,
a car ran over my foot.
no, really.  it's true.

also?  this is cray,
but i got struck by lightning.
ask me about it.

i tried to litter.
only once, in like first grade.
i make al gore sad.

i've killed tons of toads.
i go all lenny on them.
i just love too much.

i have to confess:
i wrote on the school bus seat.
big, and in sharpie.

i barfed on some girls.
it's not as fun as it sounds.
they were pretty mad.

and there you have it: haikus for all of haik-yous.  IT'S HAIKUSDAY TUESDAY, MAN!

 for those of you who've been reading for a while, you've already heard about all of these debacles.  if you have no idea what i'm talking about, longer versions of these stories (and more) can be found here.

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todd said...

remember that time
when you started a new blog
keep on keepin on