well, the big news of the week is that I FINALLY SQUEEZED INTO MY PRE-LAURELAI JEANS ON SUNDAY.  only thirteen months later, but whatever.  everybody wang chung tonight!  i kind of felt like my legs were in sausage casings, and i was having a hard time bending my knees, but whatever.  i conquered the villainous skinny jeans and i'm feeling like i should probably try out for the olympics.  if 'trying out' is even how you get into the olympics.  i'll probably have to double check that minor detail before my audition.

the other news of the week also centers on 'what the van voorsts wore.'  case in point, penelope's new velvet blazer and real-leather cowboy boots, given to us by a friend.  she is now a full-blown fancy cowgirl.

she also wore my (one-dollar-at-a-garage-sale!) shoes around the house, and every dream i've ever had of raising a preschooler daughter was realized. 

laurelai LOVES wearing hats, and gets super excited and goofy when wearing one.  i swear if she could talk, she'd be all, 'check me out. i'm proud of who i am in this hat.'

i love this next photo.  she looks like she just landed a b-girl spin move and she's all like, 'step off.'

the kids got to spend the morning with their friend naomi on wednesday.  i offered to convert the bunk beds into a covered wagon for the kids to play in, which immediately elicited a request from penelope for a head kerchief so she could be Ma Ingalls.  my daughter requested to play ma ingalls?!?!?!?!?!  i've never been so proud in my life... since the day that she wore my shoes.  so, essentially, i'd never been so proud in the previous four days.  but anyway, i got her a bandana, and knowing everyone else would want one, pulled out three more as well.  the boys immediately assumed pirate personas, penelope was absorbed in Little House Fantasy Time Land, and i'm pretty sure naomi was just trying to remain calm and not panic in the midst of the tornado of van voorsts.

they look like they're in a gang.  a really cute, only mostly intimidating, trike gang.  also, penelope looks like she's been stockholmed into participating.

well, anywhoooo.  that was our week.  LLAP, fools.


todd said...

i had the same feeling when i walked in on atticus preaching to penelope from a makeshift pulpit he had built.

todd said...