weekly whut update.

YOU GUYS, IT IS FRIDAY.  already!  there is hope for the rest of this life if it can be friday already.

things that happened this week:

1.  my sister got us hooked up with netflix for the first time ever, and oh my word, y'all, we have watched so. much. 30 rock. it's almost embarrassing.  three words: awwwwwwesommmmme daaaayyyyyyte noooyyyyyt.

2.  since todd's been home all week (more on that later), i've spent the week trying to get the house deep cleaned.  i got a chance to make it happen for the first time since we moved in last summer, so i snatched up the opportunity. needless to say, my house is all torn up right now, since i've been cleaning out cupboards and closets and pulling up rugs, but have not gotten everything put back... todd is rethinking his decision to enable me in this.

3.  in art, the kids are learning about fra angelico, who painted all kinds of religious frescos for the vatican and such.  there are like zero lesson plans out there on this guy, so i just winged it and taped some paper to the wall, and let them pretend to paint a fresco.  

fra angelico's 'thing' was illustrating stories from the life of christ, so i asked the kids to choose a story from jesus' life to paint.  atticus chose the birth of jesus, penelope chose the baptism of jesus.  this is what the painting turned out looking like:

yes, that is definitely a black hole and also a fire truck.  just like in the bible.

4.  finneas had a pretty normal week:

and the big kids joined in.

5.  we found a ladybug!  like, a real, live lady bug, not a japanese beetle.  it's been a while since we've seen one of these.

6.  and best of all, laurelai is beginning to walk!  she's regularly taking steps here and there.  exciting times.


Heather said...

you let your kids paint in their underwears. we are friends for sure.

todd said...

good stuff in the week that was