a tale of a thirty-six-year-old bard and his beard.

happy 36th birthday to todd, todder, toddest, who beardlessly used to look like this:

if you try to tell me that doesn't look exactly like atticus will in like five years, i will slap you in the mouth for being a dirty liar.

a while after he looked like that, he looked like this:

yes, ma'am, them's some piercin's.  and a braided, beaded beard.  (SAY THAT ONE MILLION TIMES FAST. go ahead.  i'll wait.  a braided, beaded beard... a braided, beaded beard...)

his beard got baptized, along with the rest of him:

(before you even ask, he was never in a bike gang, but he DID smoke cigarettes for like ten years, which is kind of the same thing.  are you shocked?!?!)

then, when he was in turkey, he got simulated-baptism'ed in an ancient baptismal, but this time his braided beard wasn't invited.

then his beard tried to annex his whole face:

then the beard receded into the background for a bit as a goatee, and sometimes made way for his...temporary panamanian face tattoos.

then there was that year that he gave his beard free rein during lent and this monstrosity happened:

more recently, his beard has been well-groomed and business casual.

...though, i will mention that it took this brief turn last month:

but its sweet spot is right at that point that i call 'second-week beard.'  and its sweetest spot is wherever it's close enough in proximity to our kids that they get beard burn.

well, you know what i always say since the moment i made it up just now: a man is only as old and full of life as his beard.  which means that todd is downright vivacious, and also only like twenty-ish years old.  which makes me a cradle robber with some exceptionally well-bearded arm candy.

happy birthday, husband and husbeard!  we all love you both!


todd said...

ahh if only fallen facial hair could speak, the tales they would tell

YAYA said...

Happy Beardthday, TVV!

the jersk. said...

i second the happy beardthday. :) hooray for beards and birthdays and all these old pictures i had forgotten about. i forgot about biker gang todd! how is that even possible?? i really enjoy that i've been able to witness the transformation from potentially frightening (albeit super nice) todd to husbeard todd. it has been a delightful journey.