weekly 'what's up.'

atticus' biggest news of the week:

a popcorn party for a superhero.  a superhero named Word Boy who carries his own homemade guitar.

penelope's biggest news of the week:

since school began, the kids haven't been required to nap everyday.  penelope is having a difficult time adjusting.

finneas' biggest news of the week:

punk cakes.  hmmmm.

he looks like he's celine dion, singing it a power ballad.

laurelai's biggest news of the week:

yeah, i know.  she's thirteen months old and still using a bottle.  the other kids were weaned like day numero uno after they turned one.  i'm not prepared to undergo such extremes at this point, so she still gets to milk babyhood for all it's worth.

and that was our week! how was yours?


todd said...

i ain't no holla back voorst

Theresa Jensen said...

My week has been one that reminds me I'm so GLAD I know Who is in control ☺. Thank you for your blog. It's such a treat to admire your family and to see the faithfulness of God's perfect plan at work in it.
Baby Karen, I mean, Lauralie (sp?), is looking snooglelicious!