in homeschool lately.

yeah, so i get that most of these photos are in terrible focus and the zoom is weird and whatever.  so sue me.  i just thought it might be fun to occasionally let you in on what's going on at school.  JEEZ, WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SO CRITICAL????? jk jk jk jk.  (these are actually the things i say to myself when i'm getting ready to post a blog and i've already eaten like three bowls of cheesy rice casserole in the meantime.)

**this month's folk song has been 'barbara allen,' which, if you're really into 70's folk singers, should be right up your alley.  pete seeger's version has been the one we've been listening to.  penelope's verdict? 'i don't like this song.  it isn't good.'  i really kind of agree with her, but only in secret.

**this month's hymn has been 'abide with me.'  So. So. Good.  the kids could care less about it, but that's because they don't recognize the theological goldmine in lines like, 'thou hast not left me, oft as i left thee; on to the close, lord, abide with me.'  here is the version we've been listening to: the original lyrics set to new music.  it's great.

**our character focus has been on compassion.  we're trying out a book from this series, and i'm liking it for the most part.  the problem i foresee running into a lot with character training 'curriculum' is legalism, and there honestly is some of that in here.  i just try to keep the focus on why we try to grow in godly character: we have already been given a record of perfection in christ, so now we're free to grow in true christlikeness by cooperating with the holy spirit's work in us.  we want to grow in character because we love and want to be like our Jesus, not because it earns us brownie points with god or people.

**math is penelope's favorite subject.  she is All. Over. It.  we use math-u-see and are loving it so far.  it comes with a 'math movie' that they get to watch once a week, which is basically comprised of a bunch of low-budget, thirty-second clips of a middle aged guy with a mustache drawing some numbers on a white board. hands down, it's the BEST PART OF THE WEEK AT OUR HOUSE. Math Guy has become a deeply loved parent-figure in our home.

**our artist for the term is Fra Angelico.  never heard of him?  neither had i.  but he's actually kind of awesome in that classic-religious-art kind of way.  plus, he uses a lot of pinks and blues and gilding, so you know i love him.

**our memory verses this month have been micah 6:8 and ephesians 4:32, and we've also been working on memorizing 'if i can stop one heart from breaking' by emily dickenson, and my phone number.  (and by that, i mean the kids have been working on memorizing my phone number.  i've had that one down for a while.)

**and lastly, we choose a different worship song to focus on each week.  this one is crazy good.

so, welcome!  you're now basically part of our homeschool.  if you want me to give you a Homie name, all you have to do is ask.  you know i will be more. than. happy. to oblige.  also, my attendance records show that you should show up to class more often.  mostly so we can skip class and drink coffee together instead.

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todd said...

homeschool is the the new old school.