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hi all! happy friday!  time for a rundown of our week!

last saturday my mom and stepdad, my dad and his wife, and my sister all came up to celebrate finneas' birthday with us.  while the big kids were napping, and while we had free babysitting on hand, we took laurelai to claire's to get her ears pierced!  (i'll post more on that on monday.)

do i not look entirely heartless?

(happier, and blurrier, now.)

on sunday, todd got a (kind of random) opportunity to preach at a church in shellsburg.  it was really fun, and kind of surreal seeing him up there and listening to him preach.  like, the check they gave him indicated he was a 'guest pastor.'  totally weird, but totally cool.  he did an awesome job preaching the true gospel: that the only way to the father is through jesus, and that jesus was the only perfect, complete sacrifice that god requires.  he gives us the thing he requires of us!  (and all that from genesis four! god and his plan and compassion are consistent from the beginning to the end of the bible.)  

one excellent point he made was that there's this weird, kind of heretical junk floating around that we can or should somehow 'be jesus for people.'  um, jesus was jesus.  we can act in accordance with his spirit and will, but we aren't called to 'be jesus' anywhere in scripture.  what we are called to is to 'need jesus in front of people.' to confess our sin when we screw up, to not strive to be perfect in our own strength, but to show in our failures that, even as christians, we still need a savior each and every day.  that the gospel is still relevant every single day.  that jesus is not just the door to the christian life, but the life itself.  so anyway, all that to say, jesus is pretty rad, and my husband's pretty rad.

on monday i took atticus to the dermatologist to have a weird mole looked out.  turns out it's just a weird mole.  which is good news.  (though i maintain it's definitely a weird mole.  it's like...wrinkly.  and has a built-in hula hoop.  maybe it's a kundis.)

on tuesday, we had connection group.  just for a glimpse into our tiny house on connection group night, please note that the following photo is MISSING SEVEN PEOPLE:

connection group is always sardine-y, crammajammed, crackerbox snugglefest because our house is approximately the size of an altoids tin.  i like to think of it as cozy and intimate, instead of creepy and space-intrusive.  right? right?!  pretty soon we're going to have to start with varied-level auditorium seating.

on wednesday, we hauled the family to des moines so that todd and i could go to the jim gaffigan show at the civic center.  my sister got us tickets for christmas, and she watched the kids while we went.  we were planning on going to dinner first, but i miscalculated how long it would take to get there, so we ended up buying a can of pringles and a stick of beef jerky at a gas station on the way to the show.  i smuggled the jerky into the show because, well, hangry stops for no man.  not even jim gaffigan.  

yesterday, NOTHING.  nada. zilch-o.  we got home at 12:30 the night before, so the kids were all totally wiped out, and todd and i were/are getting sick, so we laid low, although we did have a couple of guys come over and talk to us about moving forward in the eldership process at church.  but other than that, it was a chicken-soup-and-early-bedtimes kind of night.

so that was our week.  and to shake things up and end on an overly ambitious note, since yesterday was the first day of spring and nothing makes me want to become an entirely better person than the first day of spring, here's my current reading list:

wish me luck with that formidable stack of tomes, and please comfort me when i fail to finish 75% of these. (though, i finished bossypants after i took this photo, so at least i have one down.)

what are you reading?

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