happy birthday party to finneas.

on saturday, we threw a small birthday party for finn. 

he turned two.

i mean, two.

i mean, two.

whatever, i'll just let the card do the talking.  he turned two.

he was feeling pretty good about his rockin' gifts.   like his ride-on lightning mcqueen.

and the cowboy get-up (getty-up? bad jokes.) my mom made for him.

or his sweet sword and shield and ... cap.  like every good and good-looking soldier equips himself with.  #soldier-ista

he waited anxiously for his cake...

...and then devoured it...

which came as no surprise, considering how much he loved it at his last birthday party, as eternally evidenced by this photo:

that really is an excellent photo of an excellent boy eating some excellent cake.

happy birthday to my (still) two-year-old boy!


todd said...

i love you little man! (tiny warrior)

the jersk. said...

you look so beautiful in these pictures! i miss your face. happy birthday, finn!