it [was] [my] birthday.

oh my word, i haven't had such a good birthday in a long time.  i've never really been a 'birthday' person, and the last actual birthday party i had was fifteen years ago.  i frequently forget it's my birthday until, like, noon and then we end up eating at pizza ranch for dinner.

but this year was so great.  (minus the fact that, when i told the kids it was my birthday, atticus cried because i wasn't going to put the effort into making a cake for him to eat.  but i stand firmly by the rule that i shouldn't have to bake myself a birthday cake.  it's just sad.  and there are so many dishes to do after that.)

i had friends come over to celebrate with me.  i got phone calls.  one friend brought coffee, another brought brownies, another brought me a candle and some ball jars.  it's like my friends know me.  i got really thoughtful notes in the mail, and some zinnia seeds, which were seriously like sunshine in a tiny little envelope and i couldn't stop smiling.  i got sweet texts and emails.  a friend sent me a youtube video of a worship song that made her think of me.  another friend told me our city is getting an Ulta soon, the news of which was a gift in itself.

a college student watched our kids for free last night so todd could take me out for sushi and coffee.  (seperately, not at the same time.  that would be sicksville.)  he brought me home a gold. side table. from target. that was on clearance.  good gracious.

and i'm all, you guys.

very few did anything extravagant, which was so appreciated, since i turn into an awkward weirdo when people do nice things for me, so small bouts of spaz-outs are easier to handle than the paralyzing spasms that come with large gestures done.  but lots of people did something small and very thoughtful.  and i felt so, so loved.

and i'm so appreciative for and grateful to my friends and family and church community.  you people are my jam.  love you guys! thanks for making my birthday so, so awesome.

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todd said...

You are the Queen Latifah of Cedar Falls.
Also, I don’t know what that means.