happy birthday, tiny warrior!

finn's birthday was yesterday, and i just cannot believe he's two already.  he's still such a baby in my mind, though he is starting to hang with the bigs, stacking legos and wielding swords.  and i know i have another, actual baby.  but still.  he's my baby. 

so, as it turns out, finneas currently looks exactly the same as he did a year ago, as evidenced by this picture taken last march 14, eight days after his first birthday, and the day on which he got his first pair of glasses.

srrsly.  is that not the exact same kid we currently have?  it's like he hasn't aged at all.  maybe he's a tuck.

anyway.  so i just picked a few photos from his last year of life in celebration of the crazy awesome never-dull life he's led already.

this was from when he fell down the porch steps and landed ON the hammer, the weekend we closed on our house.

his first watermelon, at the first-ever service of candeo.

no milestone.  i just wanted a photo of his crying face, since i love it (almost) as much as his happy face.

this kid is seriously so, so affectionate.  all the time.  always.  (except sometimes when he's acting like a two-year-old.)  he especially loves his baby sister, and has from Day One.

of all my kids, finneas especially is the one who loves to dress up.  this scarf was his go-to accessory this summer.
finneas is a Floor Kid.  to the core, kid.

18 months and happy in a tree.  funnily enough, when todd stood him on a chair for a photo, finn freaked because of the height and not being able to get down.  however, when todd plopped him in a tree, it was a different story.

sick baby.  sucking the fingers and rubbing his Blankie all over his face and ear for comfort.  and to be clear, when finneas talks about his Blankie, he is referring to one very specific corner of a special quilt.  Blankie is the name of the corner.

 i love this picture.  he looks like such a tiny lumberjack-slash-jc penney model. 

he suddenly started looking grown up.  and i appreciate 'sweats and a working vacuum' in a toddler.
first time playing in the snow!

first haircut!


i have no idea what was going on here, but it's pure finneas.

yep, that's a mcdonald's burger, for anyone hesitating to judge me before knowing for sure.  no benefit-of-the-doubt necessary; judge away.

finn's favorite activity ever: find a lap, grab Blankie, snuggle in.


snobbery.  that's all.

discovering his second-only-to-blankie love: the Bonk Stick, which was a toy that garnered much approval and use from finn, until it was bonked into oblivion.  poor bonk-stick-that-is-now-a-handleless-bonk-ball.

finneas is silly and cuddly and stubborn and affectionate and compassionate.  he is pure joy and also makes me want to rip my hair out whenever he's digging to china through my tupperware drawer.  he loves baths.  whenever anyone in the house is crying for any reason, he will find them to rub their back, give them a kiss and say 'sorry.'  he melts for his daddy.  he's a fashionista.  his favorite food is milk. 

he likes to poop in his diaper while standing next to the toilet and saying 'poop!'  he loves to hold out his hand, announce "HAND!" and walk through the house with me, hand-in-hand.  he will sit on the bottom step, ask me to "SEAT!" next to him, and we sit next to each other looking up at some crosses i have mounted on the wall and count the jesuses. 

i swear he would cuddle all day if allowed.  when he really gets into dancing, he finds something to balance against and lifts one leg up and wiggles around with his leg in the air.  he learned to say 'glasses' before he learned to say 'eyes.'  he is insanely ticklish around his collarbone and in his pits.  oh, his little baby belly laugh is the best thing about some days.

and i'll leave you with these two videos.  and even though they're kind of dichotomous, they're so equally Very, Very Finneas.

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we love you, finneas!  happy birthday!


lauren said...

what a goof. he's so much more verbal than the last time I saw him!

Emily said...

So cute! It melts my heart and makes me so happy that he loves the quilt I made for him so much. Andrew and I miss you guys. :)

todd said...

I love his swordplay and I love the Princess Bride reference. Well played yourself.