what's to the up to the weekly.

good gracious.  how is it friday?  and how is it like forty degrees?!  i feel like some kind of cloud of nuclear doom has lifted and the sun is literally shining again.  i needed this, you guys.  we needed this.  now, i realize there is still snow in the forecast; twice in the next ten days, to be exact.  but if you know me at all, you know i find meteorology to be approximately as reliable as astrology, and if i've said it once i've said it at least three times: i wish i could get paid mucho dinero for rendering casual guesses about stuff the way the weather guys do.  (instead, i get paid zero dinero to air my unwarranted opinions on the internet.  maybe it's about the same, just with a massive salary differential.)

all that to say, i refuse to believe in more snow.  i need it to be spring.  i hung my springy yellow wreath on the door, just to entice the weather.  maybe all it needed was a warm welcome.  so when the weather starts staying nice, you can send your thank-you cards and buffalo wild wings gift certificates directly to paige van voorst, professional and statistically significant spring seducer.

anyway.  i missed posting a W.U.W. (pronounced 'whoa!' like joey on blossom) post last week, so i'll just recap the last two weeks for you.

one night a couple weeks ago, i got a call from a friend at church asking if i wanted to go to The Symphony with her.  i felt very grown up at this.  and i also panicked a little, because a) i always pick the most inopportune times to act like a spaz - could i trust myself to say 'yes' at the risk of having a sneezing fit or developing pit stains at The Symphony?!, and b) whatever i've been doing that makes someone think, 'paige seems like the caliber of person that would attend The Symphony - i'll invite her,' is now my responsibility to identify and maintain.  the pressure!  (oh, also, i did freak a little - what does one wear to a Symphony?  i don't own any of those tiny gold binoculars on a stick - is that going to be a problem?)

in all honesty, though, i said yes, and i'm so glad i did - it was so. stinking. fun.  they played brahms.  there was a whole slew of violas.  there were no adult men with ponytails anywhere that i could see, which is always a risk when attending anything artsy.  all in all, an A+ night, and it makes me look forward to the day when i can take the kids to stuff like that.  (charlotte mason would probably give me a sticker for writing that last sentence, which makes me feel good.)

what else?

laurelai has started getting up on all fours and rocking - i think she'll be a mobile mama in a short time.  i'm so not ready for that!!  in the meantime, the Most Muscular Van Voorst has also been practicing her planks, a very productive way to spend her stationary time, and maybe i should take a cue (or a fitness class) from her.

just to prove she doesn't always wear the blue polka dot jammies.

todd came into contact with a real, live person named, get this:  Johnny Rumble.  resulting from his jealousy and desperate longing to wear the shoes wield the switchblade that goes along with a name like that, this ensued:

but realizing he's not the Most Fitting Van Voorst for that title, he passed it along to someone who truly encapsulates the true essence of the name:

speaking of the Tiniest Rumble, he got his hand slammed in a door.  it wasn't the first time it has ever happened, so luckily i already had a $750 pamphlet on treating hand contusions and bruises, or we could have had a real problem.

i painted my entryway, which i had previously failed to mention had looked like this for quite a while:

also, we got a chance to watch my friend michelle's kids before church last sunday so that she could go early.  between our kids and the seydel kids (or, as mistakenly thought i heard todd call them, the Sey Cubs, or, as i've intentionally decided to call them since, the Sey Fries), we trucked to church with a seven-year-old, six-year-old, five-year-old, four-year-old, three-year-old, two-year-old, and infant.  and it was like some kind of candeo miracle or something, but it was in many ways less stressful than a normal sunday morning!

and in blogging news: in a typically-unheard-of feat of awesomeness, i posted every weekday this week.  in case you hadn't noticed, i should win some kind of Blogging and/or Reliability award.  it's the spring, you guys.  it makes me into the Best Me I Can Be.


happy, happy, happy friday, yall!


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todd said...

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