weekly 'what's up.'

okay, guys.  i started the week off by busting my butt to put together a family yearbook while there was a deal going on, and then the computer froze and i lost the whole thing.  i had to totally redo it.  and then i missed the order deadline. so...yeah.  this week kind of started off on a bad foot.

luckily my birthday was thrown in there to cheer things up, but other than that, it's been quite uneventful.  so i'll post baby pictures.

laur's getting even better at planks, but no better at getting anywhere.

and she has a tiny buddy whose head she loves to pet and face she loves to claw off.

have a great weekend, you guys!


Heather said...

which program/site are you using for your book? i've used blurb to bind the first 3 years of blogging into journals (i am a mere two years behind now) but am frustrated by the lack of flexibility with photos. wondering if you've found something with more user control.

lauren said...

laurelai and finn are going to be the strongest toddler gang ever.

todd said...

atticus and penelope will be the jets, finneas and laurelai will be the sharks.

paige said...

heather, i haven't had the blog printed off, though at some point i would love to do that. i use mypublisher for photos,and i really like it - you can have as little or as much control over the layout and design as you want. the quality is really high, and they run deals somewhat often that allow you to get one dirt-cheap.

also, this is our 2012 yearbook that i just now put together, so i'm right there with you.

paige said...

lauren and todd, i'm going to come downstairs at some point and finneas will have a tear tattooed on his cheek. i know it's only a matter of time.

todd said...

Better that than dance fighting.