it's the most podunky part of the house.

(sung to the tune of 'the most wonderful time of the year,' if you didn't catch on.)

(reader beware: i did not feel like paring down.  if brevity is the soul of wit, then this blog post is the beer gut of wit.  or something.)

in true blue van voorst fashion, our bedroom is the dumpiest part of our house.  wherever we have lived, this has always been the case.  at the apartment, it took us close to four years to get around to decking out our room.  and by "decking out," i mean painting over the mold growing under the window, putting a curtain around our pressboard bookshelf and putting an ikea chair in there.  newlywed love nest accomplished.

at our house in story, we got to our bedroom first thing! we started ripping off tons o' wallpaper, like, theverysecond we moved in!  then we left it, all bare-plastered, for the next two years until we got ready to sell it and were forced to deal with it.  so we patched the plaster and scraped the glue and painted the grime and...hardly got to enjoy it at all ourselves before we moved.  

here at our new house, the same story holds true.  our room is the one with the mismatched 90's dressers and no rug and piles of laundry everywhere because i've put off dealing with the nickel-sized closet.  and you know what?  this seems like an appropriate time to divulge the very depths of the disaster by posting pictures, but NAY, knaves!  darest thou press me to?  may the lord pickle your guts.

i am honestly not at all sure what happened there, or why.

anyway.  i clearly feel very strongly about not sharing the extent of the disaster with you today.  maybe someday.  but not today.  today is the day in which i show you the tiniest glimmer of not-podunk that exists in our bedroom (which i am now lovingly renaming our bedhole.  erm.  no.  i mean, bed...cave.  that sounds less iffy.  plus, it has it's own theme song: na na na na na na na na BED CAVE!).

OH MY WORD.  it is monday and i'm clearly already losing my mind.

okay.  without further ado, meet the woman finneas affectionately calls Jesus:

i don't really know why he thinks she looks like jesus, or at least like someone who would be named jesus.  i personally think that a name like 'Gypsy Cher' or 'Madame Montreau, Oracle.'  i think, come this summer, she's going to need some spray paint, but i got her deeply discounted at hobby lobby because of some maiming on her behind (don't worry, Auntie Cher, i shant share more) so here she is.  

and what's up with her elton john earring?  i mean, other than that i loved those peacock feather earrings with all of my all, and then i lost one and i couldn't bring myself to throw out the other one, so now she gets to sport it.  the silver bowl used to be my great grandma's, and is great for draping hangling (yeah, hangling) earrings.

this is where my dresser-o-jewelry began: this little (literally) lovely dish my sister got me for christmas.  

yeah, that's another lone earring.

so then i started hunting through the house for other stuff i could just throw my jewelry in/on that wasn't the plastic, middle school pencil box in which it had all previously resided.  i found some bud vases to stack bracelets on (clearly i do not have a robust bracelet collection; or at least a robust collection that is not made of seed beads and stretchy string) and this weird silver bowl-held-up-by-naked-angel-babies that i bought at a garage sale that now holds boxed jewelry and my deodorant.  because if i'm dolled up enough to put on jewelry, i should probably go that extra mile with the deodorant.

and a favorite quote by jim gaffigan really ties the space together, don't you think?

so, here's a big-picture shot.  

i realize if this were pinterest i'd have a large tray corraling all this, and probably some fresh flowers and a mirror and different colored walls and a nicer dresser that had a top drawer that can actually close all the way and, while we're at it, if this is really pinterest, a different house all together.  

but i don't have those things.  i just take joy in the half-wonkiness of what i have.  naked-angel-babies and Auntie Cher the Gypsy Queen and all.


todd said...

how bad are finneas’ eyes?

The Crislers said...

Well, I love this. Not just for the insane babbling, but also for the jewelry storage. I keep most of my jewelry (including many lone earrings) in vintage teacups found at garage sales. Yes, my dresser-top looks like I'm about to host a tea party in my bedroom (I'm just going to let that one go), but I like it that way.

lauren said...

I love it! I love your lonely earrings. but I especially love the pink one because, well, it's probably lonelier than the one cher is sporting.