pool party of three.

in honor of my religious upbringing, i would just like to say happy birthday to ringo starr.  one more year down, buddy.  good for you.

in other news, there is a free kiddie pool in our town.  yes, you read that right - it's FREE.  (granted, it's basically just a 16-inch deep hole in the ground full of water, but bigger and cheaper than a plastic pool from dollar general, so we're happy with it.)  we have made many a trip over the last couple of weeks to cool off and kill time.

this is the face atticus wears the entire time.  a little skeptical of all of the hullabaloo.

penelope motors around in her little inflatable 'boat.'  she is absolutely unfazed by the water - and will purposely dunk herself if given any opportunity, so she must be watched with the eye of an eagle.

taking a little rest from all our pool-time fun...not sure what's up with his belly in this photo.

drying off.


if you want to kill time and cool off with us for FREE anytime (did i mention it's free?), let me know.  i'd love some company!


Danielle said...

I LOVE your suit!!! I know you can't see much of it in the pictures, but the idea of not having half of my hip bone sticking out the side of the high-thigh suits is incredibly appealing. :)

YAYA said...

Hey! Nice shout out to Ringo! I know he reads your blog daily and appreciates the fact that you remembered his birthday!

lisagrace said...

i ditto danielle! where'd you get the suit, paige?