everbody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend.

you know you're a real mom if you go across the street to visit the neighbor lady and notice her continually looking at your shirt collar, then get home to realize that your shirt is on inside out.  and has been for the last 36 hours (straight) that you've been wearing it.

i have decided to join karlee this week in celebrating the real joys of motherhood and posting a 'real mom wednesday'.  no, it's not wednesday; i realize this.  but i guess you know you're a real mom when you post a wednesday blog on a friday, so cut me some slack, jack.  (and now i have a dispatch song stuck in my head.  if you can guess which one i'll give you a dollar in pennies.  local pick-up only.)


todd said...

"RailwaY" by Dispatch

Saved by grace said...

I love real mom moments!!!! They happen all too often for me:-)