our new house guest

i mentioned a while back that for a while atticus loved crawling around our house pretending to be a cat named murph.  murph was a regular at our house/at our dinner table/in our bed for a good four months or so.  i got to really liking him.  his fur was so soft.

then murph disappeared and a new friend, 'baby,' showed up.  i have to say, i didn't like baby as much as i liked murph.  he was noisier, more demanding, and meaner to penelope.  not to mention babies don't really like to be petted and would rather be fed constantly and carried constantly and corrected constantly and paid attention to constantly.  (i'm starting to realize about myself that i might make a better cat lady than mother; don't tell my kids.)

so i decided one day to encourage murph to come home.  i asked atticus baby where murph went.

baby: murph go his house.

cat lady: when is he coming back to play?

baby: no, murph his house, pay wif toys.

so apparently murph is too wrapped up in his stupid balls of yarn to rescue me from baby.  well, forget you, murph.  i can get along just fine without you.  i don't need you; i don't need anybody.

last week, however, we had a new guest come to stay with us.  out with the old, in with the new! or really, out with the young, in with the old... our new guest is named 'grandpa' and he loves to wear hats, mow the yard, and eat vegetables from the garden.  he thinks dinner is delicious and is always very agreeable.  i really like grandpa and i hope he gives baby a permanent boot.  i could get used to having grandpa around more.


whenjeskasparks said...

claaaaaaassic. i love it. i love you.

Saved by grace said...

Oh how I wish I had a grandpa around these parts;)