the biggest deal going on in my life right now.

you may or may not have noticed that i don't post many pictures on here.  (you probably have - most people tend to prefer something to look at to break up the monotony that is a bunch of words.)  believe me, it's not because i wouldn't love to post some.  but the thing is, i HATE HATE HATE going through pictures once they're uploaded.

todd and i both tend to use the 'spray and pray' method of photographing, where you take about thirtytwelvebajillion shots and hope you love (okay, like - we're no professionals) two of them.  so going through and deleting the other thirtytwelvebajillionminustwo is a daunting task.  not to mention if you want to give them a little lightroom spruce-up because, as i mentioned, we are no professionals and photo editing for us is like putting makeup on an uggo - if you do it right, maybe no one will notice all the fact that they would never win a miss universe pageant.

SO. this brings me to the point of this whole blog:  today i have reason to celebrate! every. single. photo. taken in 2010 has been sheep-or-goated, and the sheep photos have gotten little tune-ups.  2010 is officially behind me and i can dive into 2011...which is now more than halfway gone.  am i the only one who can't believe this?

in honor of this momentous occasion, i have decided to post some favorite pictures from the summer of 2010.  yes, some of these (ahem, most of these) are over a year old.  but they're done and that's what counts, and what's wrong with a little reminiscence anyway?

**so, dumb.  as i was going through picking photos for this, i realized there's a whole chunk of photos from november i haven't dealt with yet.  life sucks.

because i am so ecstatically, rapturously euphoric that i got all these pictures edited, i will be posting more throughout the week.  if you're disinterested, tune out until next week; i'm okay with it.

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whenjeskasparks said...

man. i miss you so much i could just cry. this weekend was orientation for the summer track, this week is a conference, and then next week resumes the normal crazy life.

i really want to see you, but i'm not sure i can find a free weekend until like september which seems AGES away. or.. maybe early august..? the end of august i'm in florida and i'm trying to get to california in september.

but i really am going to try my best to save money and clear off a schedule and spend a weekend with you.

i love you love you love you.