fourtho de julio.

whoops, i guess i forgot to 'member to post 'member that time' yesterday.   i blame it on our forefathers.  who can even remember it's a boring old monday when your husband's home from work and you're doing it up patriot-style? 

actuallly, we did zip-zero-zilch for the fourth of july.  oh, i mean, i dressed my kids in red, white and blue.  and then when atticus peed on his first r-w-b shirt, i diligently found him another.  patriotic mother of the year.  but other than that, we did nothing to celebrate our country's independence - no parade, no fireworks, no flag-waving.  (unless you count the flag i daily wave in my heart.)  and you know what? I LIKED IT. 

i'm not really a find-a-parking-space-downtown-so-you-can-be-crowded-out-of-any-viable-seating-spot-while-it's-super-hot-just-to-wrangle-two-kids-at-lunchtime-slash-naptime-so-your-kid-can-run-in-the-street-for-candy-you-don't-let-him-eat-anyway kind of gal.  i HATE large crowds of people.  call it "woodstock: the new class" mentality, where it's like you think you're going to something fun and dandy and all of a sudden you're being mugged and someone's lighting your car on fire.  no thank you.

that's just my little way of saying we skipped the parade.

and i think you can infer that we also skipped the fireworks.

that one has a little more mainstream reasoning behind it: they don't start until like 9:30 when our kids go to bed at 7:30, we would have to drive into town to see them (our little town doesn't do them for the fourth), i have no idea if the kids would love them or hate them, etc., etc.

so how did we spend our fourth?  i talked to my mom on the phone all morning, fixed the kids lunch, looked at the IKEA website while todd and the kids napped, did some yardwork, made dinner, then went to lowes to buy smoke detectors and a dehumidifier.

i think that is exactly what our forefathers had in mind when they signed that good ol' declaration many moons ago. 

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The Crislers said...

Thank goodness- I don't feel like such a terrible American now. No parade here. No fireworks. Maybe if the parade were at around 8 am -you know, before naptime- and the fireworks were at maybe 6 pm- before bedtime- we would go. Otherwise I'm just going to have to feel guilty again next year.