family update

i realize i haven't posted much about the kids lately.  and considering that a) they're why i started the blog in the first place and b) a large population of my readership is mainly only interested in them, i figured i'd give a little update.

penelope is 14 months now, and i seriously cannot believe it.  i have no idea when she turned into a toddler, but it has happened.  she is currently spending most of her waking hours toggling between crawling and walking, and her vocabulary is starting to boom - she can say hi, bye, no, baby, ball, mama, dada, and cracker.  (yes, i taught her racial slang.) she can also woof like a dog.

she can also say all done, please, and more in sign language, but that's only because she's a genius and not because i actually taught her.  (i was too busy trying to teach her how to call her brother a cracker.)  actually, i did teach her how to say 'all done' so that her nonverbal cues stopped being throwing her milk cup on the floor and rubbing any remaining food in her hair.  i think 'please' evolved from rubbing her belly while trying to find her attached nuk for comfort (i took it away during waking hours a couple months ago) and realizing that rubbing her belly while asking for something usually got her at least praise, if not the thing she was wanting.  'more' just showed up one day when she wanted more lunch; i still have no idea where she figured that one out because, as you may be able to tell, i'm not exactly a 'baby einstein' kinda momma and i really slacked off on the whole 'baby signs' this time around.  oh well.

she has dropped her morning nap on most days, which has been GREAT considering it is garage sale season and sales wait for no man (and no nap).  and since we now have to commute 20 minutes to do our grocery shopping and garage sale-ing and any other semi-civilized activity (other than walking to dollar general and going to the kiddie pool), it's good she's able to go longer without a nap.  both kids lay down for the afternoon around 12:00 and stay in their beds until at least 2:30, even if they wake up before then, because a) i think it's good that they get rest and alone time and b) momma needs time to do yardwork read blogs and watch hulu.

her temperament is still super quiet and laid back.  she is not one to cry when nothing's wrong or to demand attention, which i am so grateful for.  we've been hearing more crying lately, but mostly because they're starting to fight over toys and because atticus has learned that wrestling her is an effective means of beating her into submission.

speaking of atticus, he is ALL. BOY.  i don't know if it's because of the sunshine or because of all the extra space inside and out since we moved, but he spends about 95% of his waking time running or climbing or asking for food.  he is growing like a weed - only up, never out - and he's really getting good at the whole 'toddler speak' thing.  you know, understandable but still mostly in need of a translator.

he loves going to the 'seemee toll' (swimming pool) and wearing his 'seemeen soup' and watching people jump off the 'dyeen bode.'  he's even getting brave enough to jump around in the water and pretend to swim.  he's still the same as ever - in new or unusual situations, he isn't scared he's just...reserved.  observant.

for a looooong time, he had an alternate personality who spent basically all day, every day with us - a cat named murph.  lately, though, murph has not been coming around because his new favorite alter-ego, 'baby,' has been showing up.  'baby' is just that - a baby.  who crawls and learns to walk and says 'googoo gaga' and whines incessantly and needs to be held at all times.  i'm thinking it's sibling rivalry.  i miss murph (because he acts mostly like a cat - relatively independent and indifferent, as well as mostly silent) so i asked him the other day when murph was coming back.  atticus just shook his head and said, 'murph his house.  play with toys.'  so it doesn't look like he'll be coming back any time soon.

potty training is going really well - we had some minor setbacks after the major-life-event of moving, but we're back on track.  he even wears undies during his naps and only wears a diaper at night.  he doesn't like having anyone in the bathroom while he's pooping (the last time i walked in, he was like, 'still pooping.  mama be right back, go talk yaya.' - yaya meaning grandma.) he has it down that pee comes out of his penis and poop comes out of his booty, although when girls pee it comes out of their 'giant.'  whatever.  probably not a word i need to push great articulation with.

and lastly, his favorite day of the week is wednesday because that's when the trash truck comes (we were never able to watch it at the apartment since we only had windows on the opposite side as the dumpsters, which was A-okay with me for view-and-smell reasons).  every night when he gets to pick what to thank jesus for, he says 'tankoo jesus trash truck, dump out trash, make noise, rrrrrrrrrrrrr.'

so there it is; our kids in cliff's notes form.  next week we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming of random life events and half-insane ramblings about semi-obscure cultural references.  (and if you kid-centered readers are vocal enough, then maybe some pictures.)  until then, adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen...GOOD NIGHT!  (anyone else totally obsessed with lawrence welk growing up? anyone? just me then?)

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