the problem with not being Teddy Roosevelt.

I'm going to shoot you folks straight: I'm dealing with total writer's block.  Stuff is getting cray-cray around here, but not in any kind of 'oh, this would be interesting to write about' kind of way.  It's like a boring kind of crazy, if that makes sense.  So the blog has been a bit lackluster, yes?

Well, today is no exception.  I am absolutely teeming with no stories.  My cup runneth over with non-blogs.  I am a vast, churning ocean of boringness and predictability.

So, in a rousing effort to post something (mainly because I'm currently reading a biography of Theodore Roosevelt, and I'm realizing by contrasting my life with his that I'm kind of waify in my daily achievements and ambitions, so I feel the need to do something) I thought I'd simply pop in to tell you that I'm still just as Not Teddy as always.  I do not charge up San Juan Hill.  I do not dedicate anything of significance to the National Parks, other than my vague admiration of their distant existence.  I do not read 500 books a year or initiate the terrifying prospect of personally wrestling William Taft.  I have never held the world record for Number of Hand Shakes in a Day.  And I do NOT have a blog post prepared for today.

If Teddy were running this blog, you can be certain he would have something witty and profound to say.  But that's the problem with just being the ordinary guy that has to step up to the blogging plate every week: sometimes you're just not Teddy Roosevelt.  And you have to find a way to be okay with that.


no one else but me. said...

What Teddy book are you reading? I just started Mornings on Horseback by David McCullough!

todd said...

We can't all be cut out of stone

paige said...

I didn't know David McCullough wrote one on Teddy - I read his John Adams biography and LOVED it. I'll have to look into it. I'm working on The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris.

no one else but me. said...

I've read Truman, John Adams and 1776 by McCullough and have enjoyed them all. I'll have to check out your Teddy book after I finish this only covers him from 10-17 years old.

paige said...

The one I'm reading is the first in a trilogy; I believe it only covers until 1907... so, a longer stretch of his life than the McCullough one, but still not the entirety. Can you imagine living the kind of life that requires three 800-page books to document it all?