weekly 'what's up.'

this week was a little more somber than normal weeks.

first, atticus' fish, gunnar, passed on, which was cause for surprise on two levels:

first, i was surprised he died in the first place.  i mean, i had money riding on laurelai's fish (who is doing fine, btw), and aren't goldfish supposed to be like the cacti of the animal kingdom - impossible to kill?  (now that i think on it, though i've inherited a relatively green thumb for houseplants from my mom, i have consistenly terrible luck keeping succulents alive.  as mitch hedberg would say, apparently i'm less nurturing than the desert.  maybe that should have been my clue that goldfish are not the pets for us.)

second, i was surprised at how hard atticus took it.  sure, it's his first pet and so not only was he the first time atticus got attached to something on that level, but it was also the first time that death was a bit tangible for him.  but for whatever reason, i didn't really think he'd take it very hard.  maybe because we'd had it for less than a month, and they're pretty hands-off pets.  but he cried through dinner, which was really sad (for me.  this is really all about how atticus' grief was really hard for me.  i'm so tyra.)  so, we're scraping together our pennies (literally; those things cost like a quarter) to eventually get him a new fish.  until then, finneas' fish, arthur, is dominating in the 'most dominant pet' category.  (i think it's pretty clear which fish lost in that category.)

on a much more serious note, we lost my grandma noel last weekend.  she battled long and hard with alzheimer's, and my grandpa fought for her and right alongside her the whole time.  she'll be very missed.  i remember this one morning when i was like ten, and we were all in washington, d.c. together, and she spent a crazy amount of time curling my hair into sausage curls just because i had read about sausage curls in some book and justhadtohavethem.  even when she was supposed to be on vacation, my grandma had a ton of patience for my whims.  i think she may have even gotten a kick out of doing it.

doesn't my grandma look pretty?  doesn't lauren look like she's trying to cast a spell on something?  isn't the front panel on my khakis unreasonably large?)

luckily, in the midst of a grey week, this little ray of sunshine has been around to brighten our spirits and sit in our bumbo.


todd said...

I wish they made adult sized bumbos.

the jersk. said...

@todd hover bumbos. cause ya'll know once someone would get their legs in there, they wouldn't come out... it'd be like WALL-E.

also, i'm so sorry to hear about your grandma. the one time i met her, she was really lovely. (i'm 90% sure i met her because she looks so familiar and i recall her sitting on the couch in the living room at your mom's house..) but either way, i'm sorry. :(
good thing laurelai is an instant mood-lifter.

Danielle said...

I lost my grandma a week ago too. You made me want to cry at work because it sucks SO MUCH. I'm glad you have fond memories with her; it doesn't make it okay to lose her, but at least you can smile while you reminisce about her.

Love you Paige, and I'll be praying for you!

Heather said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Paige.