not exactly sure what to think

a while ago, i got a phone call that started a little something like this:

paige: hello?

phone lady:  hi, this is krista from the photo place.   is your mommy there?


i have to admit, i was a little puzzled.  not only at krista's apparent hearing disability, but at what my response should be.

i mean, yeah.  i've heard that as you get older your most brag-worthy moments stop being that time you stayed up all night watching grease 17 times in a row and start being that time you borrowed your daughter's jeans and the blind kid at the liquor store carded you when you ran in to grab your regular it's-bubble-bath-night merlot.  but a) am i really at the point where i'm desperate for people to think i'm younger than i am and b) is it ever really a compliment to think that a grown person (other than your nana) feels comfortable talking to you like you're six?

so i politely redirected krista with talks of nietzche and my vague rememberance of desert storm, just to prove that i'm a card-carrying, bona fide grown up.  then i firmly declined her offer of a free 8x10 and swore up and down i would never give them another cent and they could kiss my adult butt and go to you-know-where.  because for goodness sakes, i have earned the right to be spoken to as an adult.  krista.

in 30 years i bet i'll look back on this moment in double-edged glory:  not only did someone think i was 20 years younger than i actually am, but i also demanded respect and got it.  so, actually, thanks krista, for ensuring me an ego boost when i'm past my prime childbearing years.

and that, my friends, is how to build a legacy in 30 seconds or less.


Life As We See It said...

So funny! I had a similar experience earlier this week... a man selling beef came to my door and the first thing he asked was "Are your folks home?" Seriously?? My 3 year old is standing next to me in plain sight and you can't tell I'm old enough to be that kids mom??
Some people! Love your blog, by the way!

paige said...

a guy came to your door to sell you beef? unusual.

one thing he cannot say about his beef is that it improves eyesight.