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Ugh, so it has been a while, huh?  Sorry about that.  It has been a super full week, and I didn't have tons of access to the internet, and yadda yadda yadda.  Let me give you a rundown of everything and you'll see what I mean.

Last Friday, it was beautiful, so we spent our morning doing tea time and art study at the table, but we spent our afternoon doing nature study in the yard, looking for signs of spring.

That night, a few friends threw us a gender reveal party, where we got to announce that this coming baby is a GIRL!  Can you even believe it?? Boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, as though these things can be planned.  Lolo LOVED the reveal (even though we had already told the kids the good news before the party).

We revealed it by shooting pink silly string everywhere.  And by 'everywhere,' I mean the front yard, since I don't want that stuff anywhere near mypreciousssssss rug.

I still am a little uncertain of the gender of the baby, to be honest - I mean, first of all, I know that some of you reading this have had the very experience I'm suspicious of: being told it's a girl and then finding out, nope, whoopsie, I meant boy.  Second of all, the baby was not very cooperative during the scan - her feet were kind of crossed and folded right underneath her tuckus, making it hard to see anything clearly.  We had to go back and check like five or six times to see if she had moved enough to get a good look.  And third of all, our ultrasound tech very obviously did not know what she was doing.  She said she typically works in radiology, had no idea what pictures she was supposed to be taking, took an hour and a half to do the scan, and even still told me I have to come back at 28 weeks to get some pictures of the things she wasn't able to get pictures of.  So... like I said, I'm skeptical that we know for certain this baby is a girl, and you better believe I'll be asking for a re-check at my 28 week scan.

On Saturday, Penelope spent the morning bird watching and nature journaling from the comfort of our bed, and I had a NINETY MINUTE massage appointment (thank you, Christmas Gift from Todd!).  While I was gone, the kids played outside, and the boys claimed it was too hot out for shirts. 

After I got home, I took Finneas grocery shopping with me to prepare for a road trip we would be taking on Monday.  I did make him put a shirt on before we left.

Sunday, a couple of Candeo friends visited for a bit after church, then after that, I got to packing.  Packing, itinerary planning, and loading the van for road trips takes about 8 hours, so I was super tired by the end of the night.

Monday morning we rose bright and early to hit the road for Waco, TX.  It's a super weird story, but the long and short of it is that my sister works in the world of publishing and media and interiors styling, and had gotten invited to a small press event with Chip and Joanna Gaines (there ended up being only twenty of us there, so by small, I mean intimate).  She is also working on launching her own magazine, and has named me an editor and writer, and I got to go along on official Picket Magazine Editor business.  Look at me, guys, I'm a jet setting business woman who gets to meet celebrities on random Tuesdays.  Also, I'm a homeschool mom and I have a million kids.  One of these things is not like the other.

I'll post more in-depth about our trip next week, but here are a few highlights:

These sisters were really excited to hit the road.

Lauren and I met and interviewed Chip and Joanna, and spent the rest of the day playing around with her new line of chalk paint, touring their offices, and shopping at Magnolia Home with freeeeee moneyyyyyy.  It's a rough life being a paparazzo, I'll tell you that right now.

After the kids got up from naps, Todd brought them into town and we all hung out in the Silos area.

Wednesday, Laurelai woke up with a fever and the barfs, which made the fourteen-hour drive home interesting.  All I can say is DEAR LORD WE NEED A BIGGER VAN.  In the photo below, there are four people (well, technically five people), two carseats, and massive barf bucket on that tiny back bench seat.  It is no easy feat hauling and seating a preggo body all the way back there.


Yesterday, we just laid super low.  The kids slept until about 9:00, and we literally did nothing but eat and sleep and watch Netflix all day. 

And here it is, Friday again.  That went quickly!  I'm now officially 23 weeks and counting.

And that was our weird week.  How was your weird week?

*Just a housekeeping note - there will be a Facebook live chat on the topic of child training and discipline on Monday night at 8:00 pm on The Minivan Voorsts FB page.  Don't miss it!  If you have questions you'd like for me to cover in our time, pop over there sometime beforehand and leave a comment on the preview video, or even shoot me a message if you'd like to remain anonymous.  I'll make sure to try to cover any specifics that are brought up!


the jersk. said...

i loooove incompetent techs. blah. did you get pics to obsess and stare over at least?

the jersk. said...

oh and i'll see your gender question and raise you "i might have more than one kid cooking"... so we will find that out a week. chances are low low low but there's been enough oddities that i'm nervous.

todd said...

our kids are born with a built in buddy-system

todd said...

excited for your next FB Live extravaganza!!!