what's up weekly.

This week was a fun one!  On Friday night, a couple college girls watched the kids so Todd and I could go out on a date.  We hit up the local Cajun restaurant, and I ordered the SPICIEST gf pasta with the SPICIEST shrimp on the face of the planet, and it was so stinking good.  I don't have a bucket list, but if I did, it would absolutely include a trip to Louisiana.  For heaven's sake, there's a place on earth that centers their cuisine around shellfish, cream sauce, butter, deep-fried stuff breaded in cornmeal, and blow-your-mind hot sauce.  UM HELLO. OKAY.  RIGHT?! 

The only less-than-stellar part of the night was watching the live band.  They were awesome and jazzy and very talented, don't get me wrong.  But there is something really depressing about watching a a fifty-year-old local guy with a day job getting that into playing the clarinet. 

After dinner, we went to the grocery store to buy sauerkraut and chicken, because we like to party.  Then we came home and chatted the night away with the lovely girls who had watched the kids.

On Saturday, we had a community serve day at our church, so I got to spend the morning deep cleaning the building of a local afterschool program.  It was really fun, but so tiring - it's pathetic how easily I tire at this point.  And I still have a long way to go in this pregnancy.  (Speaking of which, I'm now 22 weeks along.)

On Sunday, we actually made it to church for the first time in three weeks.  I'd had a migraine the first week, the second week the kids and Todd were all still working the flu out of their systems.  So it was good to finally get back into a normal groove.

Tuesday was Valentine's Day.  Todd and the boys got flowers for the girls and me, and it was so stinking cute.  The boys brought them to the door, and the girls basically melted into puddles.  Rocco was not convinced he actually wanted to give his flowers away instead of just crushing them himself, so that put a minor hiccup in the whole affair, but overall it was a success.

Yesterday was a really full day - Atticus has been having some terrible migraines at night this week, which is something we've never dealt with before.  He can hardly move.  He won't eat.  He goes to bed at 6:00 p. m. with an ice pack on his head, just to be able to sleep off the pain.  So I called and got him a last minute appointment with the chiropractor, who did a major adjustment on him, so I'm hoping that helps.  But he was still nauseous at lunchtime, so he laid down and took a nap and had to miss going to the ultrasound.

WHICH WAS THE HIGH POINT OF THE DAY, obviously!  (The ultrasound, not the fact that Atticus had to miss it.)  A friend brought her kiddos over and laid them down for nap here, so that she could hold down the fort while we were gone.  Todd got off work early, and we took Penelope and Finneas with us to see the baby!  It was so fun (and so very, very long - why on earth they think it's reasonable to expect a pregnant woman to lie on her back for an hour and a half without passing out is beyond me.  I always feel so lightheaded and nauseous after those things.)

We found out the gender and it's's a...'s a SURPRISE!  We're not telling until tomorrow.  :)  A friend is throwing us a gender reveal party tonight, where we'll announce it for the first time in person, then we'll post it on the FB page.

The kids have spent the week finally bagging the leaves in the yard that we raked up in November.  (By their choice, not mine!)  They even coerced the neighbor girl to help.  And it's good timing, too, since it's already getting so warm and I'm terrified that if we wait much longer we'll end up with a bunch of ticks living in the leaves.  Yuck.

And that was our week.  Next week holds some really exciting stuff that I can't tell you about just yet, but believe you me - next week's What's Up Weekly is going to be stellar.


todd said...

to make it even sadder, remove the day job

todd said...

also, love the picture of the flowers in the girls' room. pretty, pretty.