our road trip down to waco.

Last week, I gave you a quick rundown of our trip to Waco, but I wanted to post more about the individual days themselves.  Last Monday was spent driving down. 

So, first, a little backstory:  my sister had invited me to join her for a press event she was going to down there, but I didn't want to fly while pregnant, and I hate driving.  (Like, I really, really hate to drive, even just around town.)  I figured I would have to end up saying no, even though I really wanted to go and spend time with her.  But Todd suggested we all road trip down there to meet up with her - that way, I'd still get some sister time, but we'd also get some family road trip time together, too.

Don't get me wrong; traveling with young kids is not easy.  But we weirdly kind of love it - the sense of adventure, the crammajammed quarters, the kids' excitement when they open their backpacks in the morning to find new coloring books and trinkets, the fun memories we make along the way, the chance to get to spend hours of face time with Todd while we drive.  (Or, really, while he drives.  I never drive.  Because, to reiterate, I hate it, and Todd loves me and doesn't make me do it.)

So, on this past Monday, we left at about 8:30 a.m., and the GPS said it should take about ten and a half hours to get there.  The GPS doesn't know we have five small kids, though, so we figured it would be about 11:00 p.m. before we rolled into town.  (And we ended up being spot. on.  Sometimes I get to be smarter than a smartphone, and it feels good.)

The girls were feeling the sense of adventure right away.

Rocco, on the other hand, was quick to call down bad omens.  (In reality, he was simply scared of the car wash in this photo, but he really did end up making this face - and the accompanying noises - for an outlandish number of hours over the course of the trip.  He has not been convinced yet that road tripping is a good time.)

We made it three hours to Springfield before needing to stop.  We found a park with a lake, so we spent some quality time stretching our legs, having a snack, and chasing ahem, I mean, watching the geese.

This photo cracks me up.  She looks like she's qualifying for the luge.

Me and my gaggle of my own little geese, on our way to watch another gaggle of geese.  It's a good life.

After that, we hopped back in the car.  Because this trip was kind of hastily thrown together without much advance planning, and because much of it was spent driving through Oklahoma: The Land Of Barren Landscape and Sadness, we didn't have any other interesting stops.  Gas stations and fast food made up the rest of our day.  Rocco spent approximately fifteen minutes sleeping throughout the day, pieced together of two-minute chunks. Here, you see a rare shot of the native Rocco Bird, dozing but soon to be on high alert.

Okay, okay, okay; Oklahoma had some redeeming qualities.

By the time it was full-on dark, we were all a little bored out of our minds, because that's just what happens.  Luckily, I came prepared with the standard Van Voorst bag of tricks: glow bracelets and rave music.

When we pulled into Waco, it took us a little while to find where we were supposed to be staying.  It was our first time renting a place through Airbnb, and our little house was kind of outside of town.  Our Airbnb hosts actually drove out to meet us where we were, so that they could lead us to where we were going.  They were so great - and they were expecting their sixth baby, too!  I'll tell you more tomorrow about our Airbnb find, but I can tell you this much right now:  we could have spent $100 a night for a single hotel room for all of us and we would have been miserable, but instead we spent the same amount on a full-on apartment/house.  AND I WILL NEVER, EVER GO BACK TO DOING HOTEL ROOMS.  Maybe I'm late to the game here, but I'm now a raving fan of Airbnb.

And that was the first day of our quick three-day trip!

*Quick note: don't forget tonight is the Facebook live chat on child training and discipline.  Head over to the Facebook page at 8:00 CST if you're wanting to join in!


todd said...

I really liked the park stop. It's fun when we have some of those.

Our life in pictures said...

Can't wait to hear more about the airbnb! I just downloaded the app to find a place for this summer! Jon's a lil wierded out by it....

Heather said...

If traveling with our full crew, I avoid hotels like the plague. We have used VRBO for years with great success. Even if we sometimes have to pony up a little more out of pocket, we always make up for it by being able to cook some meals (eating out is fun and all, but not 3x a day). I love having laundry access, and the extra space for spreading out means we save on post-vacay therapy bills. #allidoiswin