the weekly 'what's up.' (this one's long, with an inordinate number of Rocco photos.)

Last Friday night, a couple of friends watched the kids so we could go out on a date.  I had ordered a living room rug earlier in the week, and it had come Friday morning.  In the spirit of just getting the living room finished-finished, Todd suggested we spend our date night picking up the last few remaining items on my list.  (a lamp, a doormat, a tall plant, and a planter basket).  I was like, uh, OKAY.

So we hit up Hobby Lobby and Lowes, and had dinner at Red Lobster.  (Now that the morning sickness is nearly gone, I was able to actually stomach the crab legs I've been craving this whole time.  Also, oysters.  Also, I may or may not have just eaten horseradish by the spoonful out of the condiment bowl.)

(Just to break up some of the wordiness of the post, check out the big kids building a """"""fence"""""" in the yard with a bunch of scrap wood.  Our neighbors probably think we're a total bane.)

On Saturday, I woke up with a headache, but powered through.  I went to Walmart to try to get two pairs of Finneas' glasses repaired and OH MY WORD KILL ME - the place here is the worst.  I sat there for 50 minutes watching the lady trying to tighten the exact same screw.  And you know what I left with?  The exact same two just-as-broken pairs of glasses (except one was more broken, because she removed the ear piece just to find out she couldn't replace or repair it) and no new pairs on order.  My head was killing me at the end.  Then I had to bust through Walmart on a Super Speed Shopping Mission, because we had dinner guests coming in like a half an hour, and I had forgotten they were coming, and I had no food to even cook for them. 

By Sunday morning, my headache still hadn't gone away, and had gotten so bad I could hardly get out of bed.  Todd called off the plan to make it to church, and we all laid low.  He put on a Bible movie for the kids to keep the house quiet, made breakfast and lunch for everyone, and ordered in food for dinner.  He was so sweet.

By Monday morning, my headache still hadn't let up, so I made an emergency chiropractor appointment and found a college girl to watch the kids so I could go on my own.  Thank the good Lord for chiropractors - the relief was literally immediate, and the headache hasn't come back!

I refuse to let Rocco grow up faster than I have to let him, so these photos document like one of the only times he's ever taken a bottle on his own.  With so many kids in the house, I don't like to delegate those ten minute cuddle times to anyone else, including him, so I still hold him to give him a bottle.  And yes, he's fourteen months and could probably stand to live without it, but I never read a law that said I couldn't keep giving him a couple bottles a day as an excuse to keep cuddling him, so by golly, I'm gonna keep on keepin on for a little while longer.

I've felt good the rest of the week, and even got three days in a row logged on the treadmill.  Granted, I'm only walking, and it's only a mile a day, and it only takes me like fifteen minutes, but small steps, right?  I'm hoping to start back up with my diastasis recti exercises soon, to hopefully prevent another or further ab separation this pregnancy.

In other news, Rocco found Finneas' flashlight, which he's rarely allowed to play with because A) personal property is guarded closely in these parts, and B) he still hasn't grasped that he shouldn't shine it directly into his retinas, so I always take it away.  He looks pretty proud of himself for finding - and keeping - it.

Also?  Bath time.  DANG HE'S SO CUUUUUUUTE.

Headache bottle time.

Anyone who says fifth-born kids never get any photos taken of them clearly doesn't know the Van Voorsts.

I have spent so much time nesting the past week.  After the bathroom paint job got finished, I was inspired to hang a new blush pink shower curtain and get some art on the walls.

Our living room is coming along.  Loving the new rug and the photo over the couch, taken by my brother-in-law.  (Please ignore how crooked and sad our "coffee table" is.)

Aforementioned new lamp...

Aforementioned new planter basket...

Aforementioned new doormat...

I think next week I might post about how to balance having both a kid-friendly house and home d├ęcor that you actually like.

That being said, now that my new (white) rug is laid down in the living room, three of the kids (so far) have come down with the stomach flu all at once, so we'll see if it withstands its first exposure to real real life in a family of 7+.  Pray for it.  And pray for me.  Because, like I said, three kids (so far) have the active stomach flu.  We could be in for a long few days.


todd said...

praying for all our rugs tonight / this morning

todd said...

and all our rug rats