perhaps this is a shameless self-promotion?

I'm just going to preface this by saying I feel weird even bringing this up.  I do not assume I am some fount of wisdom and knowledge that people should be drinking from.  So please go easy on me if this seems like a dumb thing to offer.

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback about some of the recent posts I've done about parenting, and a number of ladies have asked for a Facebook Live chat, or series of Live chats, where people are able to ask specific questions and I'm able to more personally interact in real-time.

If I were to do something like this, what would you guys like to chat about?  Some of the questions I've gotten recently cover discipline, homeschool, chores for kids, sibling interactions, and further questions regarding taking charge of kids' sleep routines.  Anything sound particularly interesting (or disinteresting), or any other topics you'd like to chat about?  If there's enough interest generated, I'll plan on setting this up soon!

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todd said...

guess I'll have to join stupid Facebook now